Another Short Love Scene

By: angeliquefireheart

Page 1, Another short love scene, between two lovers.

(This is a love scene, written back and forth between a man and woman)

I take you in my arms and run my long, lean fingers through your hair, as I press my hard body against your soft one. I lower my lips to yours, kissing you gently at first. Then I slowly slip my tongue into your mouth, kissing you deeply.

I wrap my arms around your neck, molding my body closer to yours, as I return your deep kiss, my tongue mating with yours heatedly. I smile against your mouth as our kiss gets hotter, and as I feel myself getting wet, I also feel your hardness pressing against me, as it grows longer and thicker.

As you smile against my lips, I move my hands across your back in tantalizing circles, then grab your soft, rounded ass in my strong hands, pulling you closer to me, as we kiss even more passionately, as my dick gets harder for you, and I’m anxiously awaiting the moment when you’ll suck me.

Your hands on my back, and then my ass make my body heat up further for you, as I reach between us and rub your dick through your shorts. Our kiss gets deeper, our tongues mating hotly, and I feel your magnificent dick get harder under my soft hand.

As you rub my dick with your small, soft hand, I slip my hand under your skirt, and caress your pussy through your panties. I’m already so hard, and I want to put my dick inside you, but I want us to do the 69 first. I tell you so.

We remove each other’s clothes, and you lay on the bed on your back, your legs open wide. I get in position and you grab my ass, pulling my pussy to your hot, talented mouth. You start licking me, as I start sucking your dick, my hand moving up and down it.

I lick your pussy, my tongue moving up and down your hot, moist opening. I taste your warm juices on my tongue. My hips move with your expert sucking, and my dick gets even harder under your sweet lips. My tongue delves into your pussy, as I flick your clit with my thumb.

I deepthroat your perfect dick, my one hand holding the base, the other massaging your balls gently. I lick your dick lovingly all over, then blow my breath up it, inch by hard inch. I kiss the tip, and suck on the head softly, then go down on you halfway, sucking a little harder, as my hips move with your licking of my pussy.

As you deepthroat me, I lick your pussy faster and harder, my tongue pushing in with every few seconds that pass, as I rub your clit hard with one hand, my other spanking your sweet, round ass cheeks, one at a time. I tell you to come for me, hard, but to slow down your sucking of my dick, because I want to come in your pussy.

When I feel your tongue lick my pussy harder and faster, my moans get louder, and you rub my clit, I feel myself getting closer and closer to coming for you. You start spanking my ass, and that makes my pleasure increase. I suck your dick slowly and gently, and about a half minute later, I come hard for you, my pussy spilling my juices over your tongue, and I moan your name so loud. Before the aftershock passes, you bring me to the brink again, and I come once more for you, as my body shivers in delicious pleasure, and I say your name again.

As you come hard for me, twice, and moan and say my name, I smile as I lick up your sweet, warm juices. I tell you to mount me, and ride me hard and fast. You climb in my lap, and slip your sweet, tight pussy onto my long, hard, thick dick, and I grab your hips, as you start bouncing your ass on my hardness.

My breasts bounce as I ride your huge dick, and you grab them, caressing them roughly as you move your hips with my riding, making your dick sink deeper within my pussy with each hot movement. I moan your name, and you moan mine. Your hand moves down to rub my clit hard as you tell me to come hard for you again.

I rub your clit hard and fast, moving my hips faster, moaning loudly as you rode me passionately, my dick hitting deeper into your tight, hot wetness, as I too feel myself close to coming. I look deep into your eyes, watching your beautiful face as you come for me again, as pleasure washes over you.

I scream your name again, as I come hard on your dick, and you keep rubbing my clit until I’m done coming, then you turn me over and start thrusting into me as hard and fast as you can, as you kiss my lips deeply, holding my ass, as you bring me up to meet each of your hot, strong thrusts.

As you come for me, and scream my name again, I roll you over on your back, and thrust my dick as hard and fast as I can inside your sweet, wet pussy. I’m getting closer to coming. I grip your ass tightly, as I kiss you hard and deep. Several dozen thrusts later, I come hard inside you, my hot cum filling your pussy, and I scream your name in pleasure, then kiss you hard again.

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