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The Boss's First Time

Short story By: amyb1690


Imogen goes to a staff party and ends up leaving with the multimillionaire owner of the company she works for.

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I looked around the room to see if I could see anyone I knew but couldn't; the problem with always being prompt. The invitation had said 8pm, so that was the time I turned up. Unfortunately, none of my friends thought that being on time was important and I knew that I would be waiting at least an hour before anyone I knew arrived. I always felt uncomfortable in these kinds of social encounters, so headed to the bar and ordered myself a vodka and lemonade to settle myself. Sitting down on a barstool, I looked around the room again, assessing the few people who were already here. There was a good mix of people, and no doubt this would be a pretty good night once the room had been filled. The party was an event organised by the company I worked for, a well-known retailer, and was organised for the opening of the new store where I would be working. The people already here would be my colleagues too, but I'd never met any of them; whilst waiting for the new store to be opened, the 400 strong staff had trained at another local store, but had never really crossed paths. Which was the reason for the party; it was a chance for everyone to get to know each other. I ordered a second drink; the first had gone down way too easy, and drinks were free all night. Probably not the best idea the company had ever had, but I wasn't complaining. Halfway through my second drink Tina walked through the doors and spotted me. I smiled and waved and she teetered over to me with her 5 inch heels on. She looked stunning wearing a short black mini dress, black fishnets, silver and black shoes and silver accessories. Her jet black hair hung straight to her slim hips, and her green eyes were highlighted by her silver eye make-up. I felt undressed wearing my white skinny jeans, red silk camisole and red peep-toe heels.

"Tina! You look amazing!" I said as she scooped me into a hug.

"Thank you, Imogen, you look lovely too. Any hotties here yet?" I laughed. I'd met Tina on my first day, and all she ever talked about was men. She was disappointed no one in our training group was attractive enough to become a 'hottie' she could salivate over, and had been excited about the party since it had been announced. We sat at the bar and I ordered a drink for us both. Vodka number 3 and I'd only been here 45 minutes or so. The room was noticeably busier now, and we'd seen a few familiar faces. The band had started playing and a few people had started getting up to dance. Chatting idly to Tina was nice, and we were laughing at a few people's crazy outfit choices when Tina stopped talking and stared at the door. I knew straight away what had caught her attention.

The man in the doorway was attractive. In fact, he was far too beautiful to be classed as attractive. He had to be around the 6 foot mark, impeccably dressed in dark jeans and a white shirt. He had dirty blonde hair, and stubble that told me he'd not shaven for a couple of days. His bright blue eyes were captivating even though he was stood at the other side of the room. Tina grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly. I looked at her and she smiled. "That would be Mr Hottie you were looking for then?" I said. Tina just giggled. Mr Hottie studied the room and then started to walk over to the bar where Tina and I were sat. I could feel Tina radiating excitement, and I realised I had butterflies too. Mr Hottie arrived at the bar and was stood about 20 feet from us. Half the women in the room had noticed this guy and were whispering to each other about him. I heard him order a white wine, and then he looked over to where we were sat and asked the bar tender what we were drinking. It seemed a little ridiculous that he was ordering us drinks from a free bar, but it did save the embarrassment of having to go and order myself a fifth vodka. Mr Hottie picked up the drinks and walked over to us. I knew at once he'd picked us because Tina looked sensational, but when he arrived with us, he thrust a glass at Tina, handed me the other, then gripped my elbow and pulled me away from where I'd just been sitting. I quickly pulled my arm from his grasp and he stopped walking.

"Excuse me, but who the hell are you, and what on earth are you doing?" I said, shocked at what had just happened.

"I'm sorry, I'm Dexter, and I saw you sat there and wanted to introduce myself to you." He looked into my eyes and I was amazed at the look on his face. He screamed sensuality and he hadn't looked at anyone else like that. He'd seen me, even sat next to Tina, who looked amazing. "I'd love to dance with you, sorry, you haven't told me your name," he looked at me again.

"I'm Imogen, and I'd rather not. I'm having fun with my friend." I had no idea why I was being so hostile towards Dexter, but it had something to do with his rude introduction. I started to walk away from him and I saw the look on Tina's face. She was still very much dazzled by Dexter, but shock and intrigue were plastered all over her face too. I arrived back at our spot next to the bar and she instantly launched into an inquisition into what had happened. I relived the brief encounter with Dexter and she was stunned.

"Why the hell didn't you dance with him, Imogen?!" She shrieked. I laughed at her shock that I'd not pounced on the opportunity to dance with Mr Hottie.

"Because he was rude and because I don't want to dance. I want to drink!" Tina giggled. But as I sat there, I couldn't help but look over at Dexter. He truly was a remarkably good looking man, and seemed very different than anyone else at the party. He was sat on his own at a table, staring at his phone, busy tapping away at the screen. No one seemed to approach him, but everyone was aware of him. The band stopped playing, and Dexter stood and walked over to the stage. Every pair of eyes followed him onto the stage and a hush fell over the room.

"Good evening everyone, I hope you are all enjoying yourselves. For those of you who aren't aware of who I am, I'm Dexter Swift, owner of Swift Enterprises. I'm your boss." Everyone started whispering at the revelation. "I just wanted to thank you all for choosing Swift as your employer, and I look forward to getting to know you all over the coming weeks. I pride myself on overseeing the opening of any new store and will be here for the next three months. Now, eat, drink and enjoy yourselves!" A ripple of applause broke out across the room and Tina sat open-mouthed.

"Dexter Swift asked you to dance and you said no? You might never get that chance again!" Tina shrieked.

"Tina, I didn't have a clue who he was. And I still don't want to dance with him now I do. He was so rude, dragging me away like that! However, dressed like that, you need to get your arse on that dance floor so come on, let's go and embarrass ourselves a little." We stood and walked over to the busy dance floor and started dancing.

Soon enough, Tina had been dragged away by some man, but I'd had enough to drink to want to stay on the dance floor and enjoy myself. I noticed Dexter sat at his table immersed in conversation with one of the management team, but he kept looking over at me.

Suddenly, Dexter stood and walked over to the dance floor. He started dancing alone, and I couldn't help stare at him. The music was fast and he moved like the music had taken over his body. His eyes were closed and he was truly lost in the moment. The music changed answer Dexter opened his eyes. A slow piece started and Dexter walked over to me.

"I would never normally give someone a second chance, but I'm going to make an exception. I apologise if you think I was a little rude earlier, but will you dance with me Imogen?" I looked up at him, his eyes were burning through me and my breath caught in my throat; it was almost like he was looking into my soul, and couldn't believe myself when I nodded. Dexter took my right hand in his left and placed his right hand round my waist. He pulled me in close to him and led me round the dance floor. Tina stared at me from over the shoulder of the man lucky enough to be dancing with her, and I knew Tina wasn't the only one staring. Almost everyone had stopped what they were doing and had cleared a space for us to dance. Dexter was a very good dancer, which made up for the fact I wasn't. I was acutely aware of the show we were now putting on and yet Dexter didn't stop. He moved around the floor, occasionally spinning me under his arm, and he lifted me in the air more than once. As the music changed again, people started applauding, and I quickly thanked Dexter and almost ran to the bar. Vodka and lemonade wouldn't be enough, so ordered myself a sex on the beach with double measures. Tina appeared at my side and ordered a drink for herself and just looked at me.

"So what the hell happened there?" she whispered.

"I don't know" I answered honestly. "He apologised and asked to dance again. I couldn't say no after he'd said sorry."

"Imogen, every pair of eyes in the room were focused on the two of you. You looked amazing with him."

I felt myself blushing. "It was just a dance Tina. He probably does it at every function like this. He was a very good dancer though" I smiled.

"Well whatever it was, he's about 10 feet away and looking at no one but you." I turned around in my seat and Dexter was stood looking at me. I excused myself from Tina and walked over.

"Is there anything else you want Mr Swift?" I asked. He just looked down at me, his eyes filled with some emotion I couldn't quite place.

"Imogen, I need to leave now, and after that amazing dance, I wanted to see if you needed a lift home. I have a car waiting outside; my driver can drop you off at home if you wish." I looked round at Tina who waved at me.

"Thank you for the offer, but it would seem a little inappropriate. I will just take a taxi with my friend." Dexter looked at me puzzled.

"Why would it be inappropriate? I'm simply offering you a means to get home." I looked over at Tina.

"Excuse me one second please." Dexter nodded, and I rushed back over to Tina and told her what Dexter had just said.

"Go with him! I'll be fine!" I hugged my friend and promised I would text her to let her know I was home safe. I walked back over to Dexter and was surprised when he took my arm. We left the bar and outside a beautiful sleek black Rolls Royce was waiting for us. The driver opened the door for us and I climbed into the back of the car. Dexter moved in beside me and I told his driver where we needed to go. Dexter sat, and I was aware of the tension brimming in him.

"It was a very memorable party, Dexter. Thank you." He looked at me and again his eyes burned through me.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself Imogen. I know I did." I felt a blush creep into my cheeks. Dexter leaned over and took my hand. I froze in my seat. He lifted my hand to his lips and kissed the back of my hand softly. I was completely dazzled. Dexter's driver announced our arrival at my flat, and Dexter got out of the car. I still couldn't believe what was happening. Suddenly the door on my side opened, and Dexter took my hand and helped me out of the car.

"Imogen, you truly have been the highlight of my evening. Thank you for the dance and for letting me get you home." We stood looking into each other's eyes, and I didn't know what to say or do.

"Th-Thank you. It has certainly been an experience." Dexter walked me over to the security doors and I fished my keys out of my bag. "Well, thank you for bringing me home anyway. No doubt our paths will cross again." Dexter took the keys from my hand and pushed the security fob against the panel.

I looked at him puzzled. "When I bring someone home, I take them to their door. And not just the security door." He held the door open and I walked into the foyer. We took the lift to the third floor and I led Dexter to my front door. "Good night then Imogen. I will see you again soon." I looked at him and smiled.

"Good night. Thank you for bringing me home." I put my key in the front door and Dexter grabbed my hand. He turned me and tilted my chin upwards.

"Imogen, I want to kiss you." Dexter whispered. I swallowed and blinked. My breathing quickened and my pulse started racing. I nodded and suddenly I felt Dexter's lips on mine. He kissed me softly at first, and then slowly deepened the kiss. I had never been kissed like this before. The passion took my breath away and I pulled back, opened the door and let myself inside my flat, leaving Dexter stood in the hallway.

As soon as I heard Dexter walk away from my front door I scrambled to get my phone out of my handbag. I instantly text Tina *OH MY GOD!!! YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAS HAPPENED!! CALL ME IN THE MORNING* As soon as the text was sent my phone started ringing. It was Tina.

"What has happened? Can you speak?" She squealed.

"Yes I can speak. Tina, he kissed me. He brought me right up to my flat and he kissed me. And I just walked into my flat without saying a word after." I paused. "Shit Tina. What just happened? This guy is a gazillionaire!"

"What was the kiss like? What are you going to do now?" Tina had to know the details.

"The kiss was amazing. It was the best kiss I've ever had. And what can I do? He kissed me like his life depends on it and I walked off and slammed the door in his face without a word. There isn't much I can do right now." As I said it, I realised that I had probably made a huge mistake.

Tina sighed. "Babe, you'll work it out. I'm gonna have to go. I'm in a taxi nearly home. I'll call you in the morning and we can work something out." We said our goodbyes and I put my phone on the counter. The night had been a whirlwind and I needed my bed. I poured myself a glass of wine and headed to the bedroom. I placed my glass of wine on my bedside table and stripped off my clothes. I grabbed my laptop off the dresser and climbed into bed.

As soon as my laptop kicked in, I opened the web browser and searched for 'Dexter Swift'. I had to find out what I could about him now. I needed to be prepared for whatever was going to come. All the things that came up were the obvious: owner of swift retail; single; came from a loving middle class background. I looked at the image search. He was amazingly, breathtakingly beautiful. There were red carpet pictures, magazine article poses, paparazzi pictures. On every single one, he looked blank. There was no true emotion on his face, not even on the candid pap photos. Nothing like what I had seen only an hour earlier. I squirmed, thinking back to that kiss. As I closed the laptop and threw back the last of my wine, and lay down to sleep, all that was in my mind was the look. The look I guessed not many had seen before.

I woke the next morning with a ridiculous hangover. I padded into the living room and across to my kitchen and turned the cold water tap on. As I was filling the kettle, there was a buzz on the intercom. Tina wouldn't be awake yet, let alone buzzing on my door, so who the hell could it be? I picked up the receiver and almost dropped it again when I heard Dexter's voice.

"I'm sorry for calling so early Imogen, but could you let me in please?" I pressed the door release button and sprinted to my bedroom to tidy my appearance up. I quickly wiped last night's make up off and grabbed a silk nightdress, pulling off my tatty sweats and shrugged on my dressing gown then ran back into the living room. I put the kettle on and grabbed the coffee and two cups; I didn't have a coffee maker, instant would just have to do. And then he knocked on the door.

I answered, keeping my face down, I didn't want to look at him, and I didn't know how he was going to be with me. I silently invited him in.

"You look beautiful Imogen. I brought coffee for you, thought we needed to chat about last night and us."

This made me look at him. As soon as I did, my pulse started racing. He stood in a tight fitted t-shirt, dark blue jeans and boots. I could see underneath the shirt, every single muscle and he looked hot. In his hand he had Cafe Nero in travel mugs, and he held one out to me.

"You said 'us' Dexter. What do you mean? There is no 'us'. We shared a drunken dance and a drunken kiss. But really, I don't know what more I can say." I took a sip from my coffee, it tasted so good.

"Imogen, I feel I have to tell you something. But I can't have just anyone knowing. If I tell you, you will be the first and only person that will ever know. Do you promise me you won't tell anyone?" I looked into his eyes and the passion looking back at me was disarming. It was almost too much, too early, so buying myself some thinking time, I took another drink from my coffee.

"Dexter, apart from your name, your impressive dancing skills and your wonderful kissing skills, everything else I know about you it from a search engine. We know nothing about each other. And you want to suddenly tell me your biggest secret? You know nothing about me. You brought me up here last night presumably, so you could find out where I live, and then you turn up unannounced, wanting to talk about the non-existent 'us' and tell me your deepest darkest secrets? For a Sunday morning, this is a little too much for me Dexter." I sat down on my sofa and put my head in my hands. The headache threatening to come with my hangover had well and truly arrived. Dexter sat next to me and took my hand. I had no choice but to look at him.

"Imogen, from the moment I set eyes on you, I knew you were exactly what I was looking for. I wasn't even looking, I didn't even know, but as soon as I set eyes on you, it was like no one else was in the room. You simply are divine. I want to find out everything there is to know about you. I want us to learn about each other, a little each day." I swallowed and looked into his eyes. Fear was the only emotion I could get from him. "But, before we can even think about letting that happen, I have to tell you something. Something that, potentially, will put you off; something that no one knows, I'd never normally tell, because if you walked away you would know. But I don't think you will walk." He looked into my eyes, like he was searching for an answer. Truth be told, I was pretty scared about whatever was going to come out of his mouth, but curiosity made me want to know. I didn't know whether I would be kicking him out after he'd revealed all. But what could be so bad?

"Dexter, whatever it is, it surely can't be that bad. I know it's only early, but I could murder a hair of the dog. I've got a lovely bottle of white wine." I put my half-finished coffee on the table, stood and walked to the kitchen, and got the bottle of wine out of the fridge. I poured 2 glasses and took them over to the sofa. I sat back down and looked at Dexter. "Whatever it is, I won't judge you. I will listen. But you will have to give me some time to think if I need it."

Dexter nodded and took a rather large mouthful of his glass of wine. "It's hard to explain. I take it that on your Google search last night, you saw the biography, all the usual stuff. You saw how old I am."

I nodded and answered. "Yes, at 31 years of age, you are the richest man in our country. It's a little unnerving thinking you are in my flat."

He smiled and nodded. "I'm not talking about my wealth Imogen. But, you know how old I am. Which is what I wanted to check. And at 31, last night was the first time I've ever kissed a woman." It was my turn to take a gulp of wine.

I turned and looked at him. "What? You mean-"

Dexter interrupted me. "Yes Imogen. I have never kissed a woman before. I have never really wanted to until I saw you last night. I'm not gay. I've never kissed anyone before." He just sat looking at me. I cleared my throat.

"Well, as first kisses go Dexter. It was pretty special. I'm just guessing but, I take it that means that you've never gone past kissing either?"

He nodded, and I shook my head in disbelief. "Dexter, how has that happened? I mean, you are insanely rich, you are stupidly gorgeous. I can only imagine women throwing themselves at you!"

"They have done. I just said no. I always wanted my first to be special. Someone I picked out, who stood out to me with their beauty. You do." He took my hand and squeezed it. "I'm going to go now Imogen. Let you digest everything. Are you free later?" I nodded. "I'll get my driver to pick you up at 6.30. I'd like to have dinner with you, if that's ok?" I nodded again.

"Do I need to wear anything special? Bring anything with me?"

"No, just bring yourself. Wear something you are comfortable in." He stood up, took my hand and pulled me to my feet and into his arms. "You didn't laugh in my face; you took what I said without judging me. Thank you Imogen." Dexter kissed my hair, and I tilted my head back and kissed his lips softly. He reciprocated and deepened the kiss. As our tongues slowly moved with each other's, I could feel Dexter's body stirring against me. He pulled back. "Not now. I will see you later Imogen." With that, he walked over to my door and let himself out. I looked at my phone and saw 14 missed calls and 3 texts off Tina. How on earth would I explain to Tina? I sent her a text saying I wasn't feeling well and that I would speak to her tomorrow and shut off my phone. I had 6 and a half hours until Dexter would be picking me up. I had to get myself ready.

I walked into my bathroom and ran myself a bath. I poured in bubble bath, a floral scent that would stay on my skin; I lit some candles and pulled down the blind; I turned on the radio to listen to some music; I went to the kitchen and poured myself another glass of wine. As I lay in the hot soapy water washing myself, I heard a thud near my front door. I finished off my bath, washing my hair and checking that my legs and arms were clean shaven. Then I went to see what the strange noise had been. Someone had pushed a smallish parcel through my letter box. I walked over and picked it up. There was a hand written card on the front:

Imogen, a small gift to say thanks. Dexter x

I opened the parcel and inside was a bottle of perfume. The same perfume I'd worn last night. How had he known what I had on? He must have guessed. It was a small gift, but the sentiment was there. I took it to my bedroom and placed it on the dresser. It was half one, so I grabbed some pyjamas and pulled them on and started to dry my hair. I had a short bob so it didn't take long to dry, then I turned on my GHD's and straightened my hair. By three, my hair and make-up was done. I'd gone for a natural look with my make up: just a little foundation, some blusher, a little eyeliner and mascara. I opened my wardrobe and started to look for something to wear. After 45 minutes of searching, I settled on a pair of black trousers, a teal camisole and a black bolero with my teal flat pumps. All I needed to do was get dressed. I sat back for an hour and had a couple of Irish coffees. I normally never drank so much in the day, but the last 24 hours had driven me to it. At quarter to six, I went back to my bedroom and picked out my teal underwear set. Lacy French knickers in teal with black ribbon laced through the top and a matching bra. I put them on, and then dressed in the outfit I'd picked early. I sprayed myself with the perfume Dexter bought me and slicked on some lip gloss. I brushed through my hair and got my handbag ready. At 6.25 there was a buzz on my intercom and I left my flat and went down to the waiting car. The driver greeted me and let me into the car and we set off for wherever we were headed. After a 25 minute drive, we pulled up outside a hotel and the driver let me out of the car. As I stood, he handed me an envelope and I opened it. Inside was a note with a room number. I set off into the hotel and went to the lift. I punched in the floor number and found the room Dexter was staying in. I knocked, and as I did I could feel the butterflies in my stomach starting again. Dexter opened the door wearing jeans and a t-shirt and was completely bare footed.

"Hi again. Come in. You look lovely." Dexter said and he led me into his suite. It was a beautiful room. A huge corner group sofa sat in the middle of the room, and a dining table to one side, set for two to eat. There were doors leading off the room, I imagined they were for bedrooms and bathrooms

"Wow Dexter, this is gorgeous." I stopped and looked at him, and he smiled and pressed a kiss to my forehead.

"Put your bag over there on the sofa. I've ordered food for us already. I hope you don't mind." I shook my head.

"That's fine. Thank you." Just then there was a knock on the door and the waiter came in with food on trays. He placed them on the table and left the covers on. Without a word, he let himself out.

"Well, let's sit to eat then." Dexter took my hand and led me to the table. As he pulled my chair out for me, I stopped him, took his hands and put them round my back. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss.

"Thank you for the perfume. And for all of this. It's lovely." Dexter smiled and sat me down, then sat down next to me. He lifted the covers off our plates, and in front of us was a beautiful curry.

"I love this dish. Everyone who tries it, even those who don't like curry, enjoy it. Seemed like a safe choice." Dexter said.

"It's perfect. Thank you." We smiled at each other and ate in silence. The food was beautiful. As we finished, Dexter picked up a small remote and turned the music system on. Music filled the room. Dexter stood and looked down at me.

"Imogen, will you please dance with me?" He asked. I stood up and he pulled me into his arms. We slowly moved around the room in time to the music, silently enjoying the feel of our bodies pressed against each other. As the music changed from one piece to the next, I pulled away from Dexter and sat on the sofa.

"Is everything ok Imogen?" Dexter asked.

"Yes, everything is fine Dexter. I just want to sit and enjoy the music. Enjoy your company a little." Dexter walked over to the dining table and picked up the bottle of wine and glasses left over from dinner, and came and sat back down next to me. As he leant back, I kicked off my shoes and curled up against his side. He gingerly placed his arm around me and stroked my hip.

"So Imogen, I'm at a slight disadvantage here. I know your name, I know where you live, but I don't know anything else about you." I laughed.

"There isn't much to know. I come from a working class background. My dad walked out when I was young and my mum brought me up single handed. I'm an only child. I didn't go to university, I barely scraped through my A levels. I decided instead that I would start working for you."

"So you are what, 18 or 19?" Dexter asked.

"Yes. I'm 19. I was lucky enough to have the money for a deposit on my flat and got a small mortgage. I'm completely self-sufficient in that department." Dexter laughed.

"I don't care about that! So, you obviously don't have a boyfriend at the minute, otherwise you wouldn't be here?"

"No, I don't. But is now a good idea to admit something to you?"

"What is it Imogen?" I sat up straight and looked at him.

"I have kissed before, a few times, but we are very much the same in the experience department. I have never slept with anyone before." Dexter pulled me up into his lap, held my chin and kissed me. He kissed me ferociously. With his free hand, he pushed my bolero off my shoulders and onto the floor. I turned, so I could straddle him, and deepened the kiss further. I touched him wherever I could reach, his hair, neck, face, shoulders, arms, chest; I wanted him like I'd never wanted anyone before in my life. I felt my nipples hardening against the fabric of my bra, and I could feel Dexter's erection straining against his jeans. Dexter slipped his hands under the straps of my camisole and pushed them down my arms revealing my breasts in my bra. He stopped kissing me and lifted me to my feet. I pulled my top over my head and dropped it to the floor, and unbuttoned my trousers, let them pool at my feet and stepped out of them. Dexter sat fully clothed, his mouth slightly open, panting.

"You are beautiful. Wow, Imogen, you are everything I imagined and more." I felt a blush steal over my cheeks. Dexter stood up, and took my hand. We walked together to the bedroom. It was a beautiful room. A four poster bed stood in the middle of the room with deep red satin sheets. Dexter had lit candles all over the room, and the flickering flames were all the light we had. Dexter pulled off his clothes and walked me to the bed. I sat down and Dexter pushed me backwards. He climbed on top of me and started to kiss my neck. He unhooked my bra and let my breasts fall free. I could feel his erection twitching in his boxers. He cupped my breasts with his hands and his thumbs played with my nipples. I moaned softly, it felt exquisite. He bent his head and took my right nipple in his mouth. I squirmed underneath him. My body reacted to everything he did, like he knew everything I wanted. His left hand slowly moved down my body, skimming over my stomach and my hips. He found the material of my knickers and pulled them down my legs. He put his right hand at the apex of my thighs and pushed my legs apart. I took in a deep shuddering breath as he sat back and looked at me. Completely naked, lying on red satin sheets, with my legs wide open.

"Dexter, what on Earth are you doing?" I whispered.

"I'm just admiring your body Imogen." And with that, he kissed me again on the lips, and his right hand slowly opened me up. I was already wet and ready, and he leisurely stroked his fingers over every contour. He pushed a solitary finger in me, and I gasped.

Dexter trailed kisses down my neck, over my breasts and stomach, and stopped when he reached my pubic bone. He moved to my thighs, and planted wet kisses up the inside of my legs, before he finally found his goal. He fluttered his tongue against my clitoris and grazed his teeth against me. All the time, I could feel myself climbing higher and higher. I was about to have my first orgasm.

"Oh god Dexter, don't stop whatever you are doing. Oh my-" Whatever else was said was incoherent blabbing. He had sent me over the edge, I could feel myself spasm round his finger, I could feel his breath against my thighs. My heart was racing, I was panting. Dexter looked at me with wonder in his eyes. I grabbed him from where he was kneeling and kissed him furiously. It was his turn now. He lay back on the bed and I took down his boxers. His erection sprung free, and I couldn't help but bite my bottom lip. I bent down and kissed the tip of his penis. Dexter's hips jerked slightly at my actions, and I had to suppress a giggle. I opened my mouth and started to suck his cock. I pushed as far down as I could, letting his head touch the back of my throat. I could feel his hips jerking and he pulled me off him and lay me down on the bed. I spread my legs as far as I could, and Dexter slowly pushed his cock inside me. I could feel myself stretching, accommodating for his length and girth. When he was fully inside me, he leant forward and kissed me softly. We slowly started to move in unison and I could feel myself building towards climax again. Dexter was close too. We picked up the pace, rocking back and forth, until I cried out, and Dexter grunted against my neck. I could feel him pouring himself into me. I showered kisses over Dexter's neck and shoulders. We were both misted with sweat and the scent of sex filled my nostrils. Dexter slowly slid out of me and lay down on the bed next to me.

"And everyone says their first time is rubbish. I thought that was pretty awesome." I giggled. Dexter brushed his fingers across my cheek and turned to face me.

"That was perfect." He kissed my cheek, and I turned to face him and kissed him again. He tangled his fingers with mine and we sat there quietly sated for quite some time. I couldn't help but think back to what had just happened. It was nothing like the clumsy experience I was expecting from my first time. Dexter had seemed to know everything my body needed. I started to question the truthfulness of his admission in my flat. I looked around the room and saw a clock face saying the time was 11.30.

"Dexter, I need to go home. I have work early in the morning. I need my uniform and things" I said, breaking the silence. I needed to go home and think through everything that had happened.

"Stay here. We can get your things from home in the morning. Stay with me please." He looked me in the eyes, and the rawness of the request touched my heart.

"Ok" I acquiesced. Dexter kissed me softly. "So, where do we go from here?" I asked, brushing away the hair that was falling on my face.

"What do you mean Imogen?"

"Well, you picked me up at a staff party, took me home, turned up at my door unannounced, admit you're a virgin, wine and dine me at your hotel and then sleep with me. You are a multimillionaire, and I'm guessing this hotel isn't your home; you're probably based in some country manor somewhere. And tomorrow, I've got to go and work for your company. Where do we go from here?" I sat up and wrapped the sheets around my body. Dexter sat up and his eyes burned into me.

"Where do you want to go from here? What do you want to happen?"

"I don't know, I was hoping my first time wasn't going to be a one night stand, but then again I didn't imagine my first time to be anything like this either." I looked down at my hands, my fingers knotted together in my lap.

"Imogen, I don't want this to be a one-time experience either. I just thought over the next few weeks we could see how things go and answer that question once we know each other a little better." Dexter took my hands, and I was forced to look at him. "Imogen, stop worrying. Go to work tomorrow; enjoy your day, and tomorrow night we can do something nice. We can get to know each other, find out all the silly stuff. Don't worry about stuff like this right now." I nodded.

"And, daft question, but being who you are, where do I stand on answering the million and one questions not only my friend Tina will have, but the questions everyone who was at that party will have about the dancing and us leaving together?" Dexter laughed.

"Ah, I forgot you'd get all of that. Your friend, tell her what you wish, as long as you deem her trustworthy. Everyone else? Tell them I asked you for a dance, and then offered to take you home. It's the truth."

It was my turn to laugh. "I suppose it is one version of the truth. I won't tell Tina about your inexperience. But she does already know about the kiss."

"Well then, that's fine. Settled. Now, what time do you start work tomorrow?"

"Half 8. So we need to sleep now really." Dexter smiled and turned the lights off. As we lay down I felt his hands sliding all over my body and we were lost in each other again.


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