fap fap ''mastubating during a bath''

By: Akesh

Page 1, Being horny just while having a bath...

Was late at night, just came from work, took off my clothes having a very bad odour of sweat.. Walk nude to my bedroom where I saw my wife sleeping soundly, she was not really feeling well, so I didn't wake her up, I took a towel and went in the bathroom Under the hot water.. I was soaping myself and started to rub the soap on my penis...yeah my toy, that's how I liked to call it It started to increase in length, I smiled...koz I knew what it was asking.. I started rubbing it slowly... tickling the head.. scratching my balls... I increased the speed, masturbating my dick so nicely.. I knew I was going to cum.. I started increasing the speed more and more, and within seconds...it splashed... Awwww... I held it in my hand for seconds, then cleaned the hard dick nicely, used a tissue to clean the sperm.. Continued my bath, then went back in my room..seeing my wife looking at my hard on with a smile on her face..she seemed to be better now..I think I need to eat her pussy now..

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