fap fap ''mastubating during a bath'' part 2

By: Akesh

Page 1, After masturbating, my wife need a good fuck

My wife gave me that dirty smile on seeing my hard when I took off the towel I stood nude in front of her Started rubbing my dick, softly moaning I noticed her biting her lips, I moan louder..that excites her She get out of bed, she was wearing only her nighties, she came close to me and hold my dick in her soft palm She began stroking it...nicely gently...then I felt her lips touching the head of the dick..her lips licking it from the top to my balls,,she then took my balls in her mouth one by one.. She spit on the head of the dick, then took it back into her mouth.. my dirty wife,.she loved playing with my dick I dragged her to the bed, and as usual we start by satisfying each other's private part, in a 69 position She was deep throating me while I was fingering her pussy and tongue fucking her in sequence Ohhh...she had her 1st orgasm..I licked it up clean Then I took her in my arms tightly, we french kissed while she was playing with my hairs and i was stroking my fingers in her rosebud, our lips close to each other, our tongues turning in within each others mouth then she moaned to the pain in her ass and started biting my lips hardly She comfortably took the doggy pose, my dick was well prepared to be thrusted in her tight ass, ohhh I love to fuck her anal She whimpered as my dick started to touch her rosebud..she moaned in pain..I did it softly pushing my dick deeper and deeper in her ass while she grabbed the bed sheet hardly Soon she was enjoying the sensation of my dick and she started rubbing her hand upon her pussy As I knew I was about to cum, I stopped and I made her lie on her back so that I could play with her big tits, biting them, licking with pleasure and take the in my mouth Her pussy was just beneath my penis, I lowered a bit to reach the pink pussy, cleanly shaven I started moving forth and backward to match pace and squeezing her boob Soon we both had our orgasms, I just laid right beside her and kissed Whispering in her ears ''i love you and I'm ready to do the threesome that you wanted to" >>> please leave ur comments as I'm a new writer and need ur opinions <<<

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