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Virgin's First Exam

Short story By: A3V3I

Nicole goes in for annual 'women's exam' but when a male doctor walks in the door she's too shy to speak up... Perhaps she should have!

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I sat in that little room waiting for Dr. Amanda Wright to come in for my 'Well Woman' visit. I always hated the doctor's office with that plastic bed with the little piece of paper that crinkled every time I moved. The only sound I could hear was my own impatient sighing as the hand ticked around the clock. 5 minutes late. 10 minutes late. 15 minutes late...

"I'm sorry the wait is so long, Dr. Wright had a family emergency and Dr. Bennett is filling in for her today." I rolled my eyes as soon as the assistant left. Great, now I'll have some strange woman poking her head around in my most private area. I stared at the clock as another 5 minutes passed and I grew anxious about some strange woman coming in here, touching me, examining me, and asking me questions...

The door cracked open just an inch before I heard someone's voice, but no - not someone - some man's voice. "Yes, Call in that prescription for Mrs. Cooper." My stomach was doing flips. I cannot have a male doctor. Not today. The door opened more and I watched as a tall, slender, middle aged man walked through the door. He had thick brown hair that stood at attention, a strong jawline, and deep brown eyes. I scanned his whole body as he came closer and felt my stomach tighten in distress.

"Hello -" You looked down at my chart to find my name. " Ms. Turner, or can I call you Nicole?" I swallowed the lump in my throat that began building up as soon as you stepped through the door. "Nicole is fine..." You glanced over my chart for a few seconds and I saw your eyebrows raise as if you found something interesting.

"You've been on birth control for 5 years now, are you sexually active yet?" I knew that question was coming, they asked me every year but I blushed nonetheless because it was a man asking me. "No." I watched as you wrote that down on my chart. "So, you're a virgin?" I nodded my head and started to fidget on that paper making it crinkle. It made me embarrassed to admit I was still a virgin at 18, especially to an older man. I figured they either thought I was a loser, or a liar.

"Alright, well here is a paper gown... Take off your pants and underwear and put this on. I'll be back in a few minutes." You left the room and I could feel a sickness washing over me. I couldn't let a man see me down there. No one besides Dr. Wright ever saw me and even that made me nervous! I paced around the room as my nerves set in full blast. I put my fingers to my temple and massaged my head, you're alright Nicole. Just put the gown on. I slipped out of my pants and underwear and laid them on the extra chair in the room. I looked down at myself, thank god I shaved today... I slipped the paper gown over me and sat back on the bed again.

Just tell them something came up and you have to go... I thought to myself. Request a female doctor, they should understand that, right? My mind was racing through all the options just before the door opened again. You gave me a weak smile and closed the door behind yourself. Who am I kidding, I was too shy to speak up for myself.

You walked over the bed beside me and I tensed up at your closeness. You brought the stirrups up so I could place my legs there and took a stool in front of me. "Put your legs up here." I hesitantly lifted my legs and placed them on the stirrups. My feet were positioned both wide and facing outward, there was nothing left to the imagination for you. I was happy to have the paper gown that hide my face from your view.

I was frozen like stone as I waited for that first touch, the first contact. I flinched -jumped- when I felt your hand on my lips, spreading them so you could examine me. I touched myself all the time, but your hands felt so intense. "So, Nicole are you still in high school?" Your rough hands moving over my smooth skin made me bite my lip. Wait. You should be wearing gloves. "Uhmmm..." I couldn't think straight with your fingers touching me. "Yes, I have about t-two months left." A single finger ran over my slit and I had reach up to cover my mouth, I felt the need to laugh, cry, or both? I didn't know why I was reacting like this, I never felt this way with Dr. Wright...

"What are your plans for college?" I knew you had to make small talk with me just so it wasn't awkward, but I wished at the same time that you were faster. "I'm going to the University of Miami." Just as I finished my sentence I felt your thumb press into my clit. That never happened with Dr. Wright...

I rotated my hips away from your touch, but your finger followed me. I didn't have the guts to speak up, because what if this was normal and then I look like an idiot for accusing you of such a thing? I let your thumb continue to press and roll over me and I caught my breath getting heavy. You could hear it too.

"My niece is going there for Biology." You increased the pressure seven fold and I flexed my calf muscles as orgasmic spasms tortured me. I bite my lip to quiet my moans, but my whole body tensed up. I was so embarrassed my face flashed bright red. You had to know what just happened...

I felt your hands leave me, but only for a second. You grabbed onto my hips and I felt something wet touching me. A tongue... I shook my head in disbelief, this was certainly not a normal exam. I pushed the paper gown down and found your head between my legs before you started sucking on me. I gasped in horror, but you just stared up at me with a grin before returning to your work.

"Stop..." I whispered harshly and tried to pull my legs back toward me, but your hands locked me there. Your tongue explored every inch, every fold of skin, before it slipped into me. I wiggled on the paper making the paper crinkle loudly. A single tear fell down my cheek.

"Why would I stop now, when you're enjoying yourself so much." He whispered back. There were only thin walls separating us from the assistant outside. "Stop it. I don't want this..." I kicked at your chest and you narrowed your eyes at me. You stood up, pushed the stool away from your feet and came closer, leaning over my torso and in between my legs.

"Then why didn't you stop me before?" You groped me between my legs and laughed quietly as I sunk down into the examination bed. I opened my mouth to protest but your hand covered my mouth. Your large fingers covered my entire mouth and your arm held me down as I stared at you with fearful eyes. Your other hand disappeared behind the paper gown and I could hear you fumbling with your zipper...

"I'm going to help you out, Nicole. I'll fix your little problem down here." You grinned as I heard your pants hit the tile floor. I tried to move my head away your grasp so I could scream out to the assistant for help, but your hand pressed down hard on my mouth and my head was still. Tears stained my cheeks as felt your penis touching my slit.

You didn't risk me screaming, so your hand remained clamped over my mouth as you pushed into me gently. You invaded a little more with each thrust and I felt my body rejecting you. I couldn't scream through the discomfort so the tears fell freely as I gripped onto the sides of the bed until my hands lost color. You slide into me over and over, slowly savoring every inch of innocence. The only noise filling the room was your heavy breathing that you tried to quiet, but in my mind... I was screaming for help, desperate for this end.

I closed my eyes as you leaned down toward my face. You removed your hand from my mouth and quickly replaced it with your lips. I groaned into the mouth as you thrust into me and kissed me roughly. Your hands gripped the sides of my face forcing me to endure this attack. Your lips abandoned my own and I took this opportunity to replenish my body of oxygen. I felt dizzy, sick, and a growing soreness between my legs. You moaned silently as you came inside of me and stepped back to get dressed. I pulled my legs back toward myself and stared at you with hatred.

"Well, Nicole it looks like you're in great shape down there. I suppose we won't hear from you until next year." I pulled the paper gown over myself as if it mattered now. You leaned down close to my ear, "Don't worry, the soreness will go away in a few days. But those memories... They'll be harder to get rid of."


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