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Don't Pull Over

Short story By: A3V3I

Karissa gets pulled over late at night on a desolate highway, but something about this cop just doesn't feel right...

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I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw blue and red flashing lights... "Fuck." I whispered to myself and looked down at my speedometer. 105mph. I had never been pulled over before so I was nervous. I took my high heel off the accelerator and eased into the grass on this desolate highway. I watched through my mirror as the flashing lights went dark. I saw a man's silhouette emerge from the car.

I scrunched my brows together as I noticed you were wearing normal clothes, jeans and a leather jacket. No police uniform. Knock, knock, knock. You tapped the window beside me and I got my first look at your face. You had a large scar running across your right cheek. You looked a lot older than me, perhaps 30 or 35 years old. I put my window down. "I need your drivers license and registration, please." I started to fumbled around my purse looking for my wallet.

"Do you have any idea how fast you were going?" I stopped searching through my purse and gave you an innocent smile. "Yes... I'm sorry Officer... I just left a party and I wanted to get home." Your lips twitched as I spoke. "Keep looking for your stuff." I quickly turned and dumped the contents of my purse onto the seat and found my information and handed it over.

"I'll be right back. Turn your car off. We'll be here a while." I nodded my head and turned the key that gave my car life, but still left it in. I heard you chuckle to yourself as you walked back to your car. I picked up my cell phone and started rereading my texts from earlier tonight. I tapped my fingernails on the steering wheel with growing impatient. If I'm going to get a damn ticket, then just give it to me already.

"Can you step out of the car, Miss?" Your voice made me jump. I didn't know you were standing there. "For what?" I asked out of curiosity as I reached for the car door. "This is standard procedure... Just get out of the car."

My heels sunk in the ground a bit as I stepped out of the car. I pulled my black, body hugging dress down to cover my legs as I stood in front of you. Your dark eyes were fixed on me and I started to feel uncomfortable... Something didn't feel right...

"Put your hands here." You banged on the hood of my car and I hesitated but placed my palms on the car. You crouched down behind me and started feeling up my bare legs, starting at my ankles and slowly moving upward. You put a light slap on my upper thigh, "Spread your legs more." I widened my stance. "You're looking at a hefty speeding ticket, Karissa." Your hands moved higher than my knees and began caressing inward. "But, I'm feeling very generous tonight, I would like to offer you another option..." You groped me underneath my dress and I gasped. "What are you insinuating?" I shouted at you as you stepped back from me and began eyeing me up. I turned so I could see what you were doing.

"I'm not insinuating anything... I'm demanding it." I flattened myself against the car as you came closer once again. You ran a finger over my cheek and I turned my face to the side. I noticed your car for the first time, it was not a cop car. You must be an undercover cop...

"Please... just give me the ticket." You grinned madly as I scanned the highway for any on-coming traffic but the road was deserted in both directions. "Karissa... We can do this the easy way or the hard way." You brushed your lips along my cheek and your hands found my hips pulling me into you.

"I-I can't do this. Please, I just want to go home." I stared at you with pleading eyes. This was so wrong. You just shook your head with that menacing grin on your face that made your scar appear larger. You noticed me staring at it. "When you're in my line of work you tend to get some battle scars." Your hands started wandering over my body, touching my breasts, rubbing my hips, and pulling up the hem of my dress.

"Stop!" I pushed against your chest and when you wouldn't listen to me I screamed. "There's a car coming!" You turned your head to examine the threat and I dug my knee into groin. You bent over in pain, but you were right in front of my car door.I couldn't escape just yet. I kicked off my heels because they would only slow me down and bolted for the woods along the highway. I ran in between the trees zig zagging, hoping that you had not recovered yet and I could stalk you out, wait for you to walk past me, and get back to my car to drive away.

I lowered myself to the ground in between some large brush and waited for you. I could hear your footsteps through the woods. I listened to slight snapping of twigs as you carefully made your way in my direction. "Karissa, I know you're out here. It will be better for you if you come out now..." I put my hand over my own mouth to quiet my breathing as you stepped right past me. I listened for your footsteps to fade into the distance. "Karissa..." I heard you calling out my name and I listened to the echo. You were far away now in the woods.

I gently pushed myself off the ground and gazed into the darkness. I searched for some kind of movement in the woods, but couldn't see or hear anything. I started running through the trees again as silently as I could. I reached the edge of the woods and looked at the cars to see if you were there but you weren't. I bolted for my car and opened the door and shut it behind myself. I reached for the keys to turn my car on, but they weren't in the ignition where I left them. "Where are my keys?" I glanced at the woods again and saw a dark figure running toward me.

"Shit!" I shouted in my car as I searched through the pile of stuff from my purse. BANG. I heard your hands slam on the hood of my car to get my attention. You raised your hand and shook my keys with a sick grin spreading on your lips.

"Come out, Karissa. You have no where to go." I leaned down to grab my phone and start dialing 911 when I heard the door open beside me. Your large hands grabbed my legs and ripped me from the car, throwing me to the ground next to my car. "Please Stop!" I screamed in fear as you straddled me. Your legs overwhelmed my lower half.

"Karissa, listen to me and I won't hurt you..." You grabbed my wrists and shoved them above my head keeping your face close to mine. "But, if you try to run away again..." Your grip tighten until I yelped out in pain. A smile played on your lips. "I'll listen." I whispered and you let go of my wrists but I kept them above my head. "Good girl. Now stand up and walk to the other side of my car." You stood up and I glanced at the road behind you. No headlights in sight.

I started walking along the highway and I could feel your gaze on me as I walked. I stopped when I was on the other side of your car. "On your knees." You began unbuckling your belt before I was even in the dirt. You pulled out your swollen cock and I turned my face away. I thought about Josh, my boyfriend, who was waiting for me at home...

"Put this condom on me." You handed me Trojan Magnum and I opened it with my hands and started reaching for your cock. "Ah, ah, ah. Karissa, not with your hands." You flicked your tongue in the air at me. "With my mouth?" I started to cry. "What kind of cop are you?"

I groaned as I reached for your cock again. I placed the condom on you and then leaned forward, rolling the condom back with my lips over your length. My tongue sliding on the underside of you as I pushed it back. Your cock felt huge in my mouth, so much bigger than my boyfriends.

"I'd like to go raw, but we wouldn't want to risk anything right, Karissa? Now you can't come into the station and have me locked up. I take my job seriously, I've been doing this for 15 years now..." I glared at you. Sick Bastard.

"Get up." I pushed off the ground and waited for your next order. You slipped behind me and your hands started peeling my dress upward on my thighs. I gasped as you shoved me against the hood of your car and pushed my back down so I am bent over in front of you. "You can't imagine my excitement," You begin groping my ass and legs, taking handfuls of my flesh at a time. "when I walk up to the window and find a beautiful, young girl on her way home this early in the morning." You peeled my dress up to waist and now I could feel your erection pressed against my ass. "Beautiful, long, blonde hair, bright green eyes, and a petite yet thick frame." Your hand ran down my back slowly over my spine before leaving a loud slap on my ass.

"Karissa..." You whispered into my neck as your hands rubbed along my torso making their way up to my breasts. You untied the halter to my black dress and slipped it down so my breasts fell into your waiting hands. "Mhmmm. You have so much to offer me Karissa. I just wish I had more time with you..." I whimpered at the thought.

I bite my lip as you ripped my lace underwear from my body. Your erected cock was now poking at my entrance. I couldn't hold back my tears as you pushed into me harshly. Your girth ripped into me and all I could picture was Josh waiting up for me, calling my phone, and starting to worry.

"Yesss... Karissa, you're mine if only for now." I sobbed as your cock stabbed into me over and over. One of your hands rested on my hips driving me into you with each thrust and the other squeezed my breasts. I glanced at my fingers that had turned white from my grip on your hood. "Kiss me." You ordered, but I defiantly shook my head. I couldn't take any more of this.

You yanked my hair back harshly making my head throb. "Don't make me ask you twice, Karissa..." I turned my head back to yours and allowed your lips to touch mine. Your kiss was rough, urgent, wet. Salty tears fell down my cheeks as you violated me further. You pushed my face away from yours, I suppose you were done with intimacy.

I closed my eyes as your thrusts came faster, harder, deeper. Your cock pounded into me with such force that I could hardly deny the building of my orgasm. Light moans escaped my lips as you grunted with your efforts. I saw the flash of headlights coming down the road in the distance and hope struck in my heart. Maybe they would see us and help me. Just as I spotted them, you did too.

"You think you have a savior? Think again." You pulled your throbbing dick out of me, grabbed my wrists, and threw me to cold ground. We were hidden behind your car. "NO" I screamed as this new hope gave me courage to fight. I struggled with my whole body, screaming, kicking, trying to rip my hands free from yours. Your erected cock slide over my stomach through our struggles before you shoved it inside me again. Your legs pinned mine down, your hands easily held mine above my head. My dress was hiked up to my waist, but my breasts were within your gaze. You leaned down to take small licks and bites on my hard nipples. I saw the lights zoom past us from underneath the car. All hope is lost. That would be the last car for an hour or so.

"Karissa... I love your fight. I love watching that hope drain from your face, just like every other girl..." I felt my energy waning down. I closed my eyes, I didn't want to look at you. Your hands reached under my ass, groping it roughly, as you slammed into my womanhood again. I moaned as the spasms finally came to a head. My legs shook underneath you, not from my struggle but from my pleasure. You came shortly after me and rolled over next to me on the grass.

"Thank you for being so cooperative tonight, Karissa." I pulled my dress down on the bottom and up on the top, tying it back in place. "You got what you wanted, can I have my keys back now?" I sat up as you did and you handed me the keys.

"Before you go... Here's your drivers license and registration back. I don't think I need to worry about you reporting me... Do you really think they'll believe an 18 year old girl over a police officer?" I glared at you as I stood up.

"I won't say anything..." Somehow, I knew you were right. You were a respected figure, authority, you had power. I ran to my car and started the engine, I looked back as you lit a cigarette and opened your drivers door. You didn't drive after me, quite cocky to assume that I wouldn't tell a soul.

I walked in the door to our apartment an hour and half late. Josh looked at me with wide eyes. "Karissa, what happened to you?" You wrapped your arms around me in a sweet hug. I started sobbing uncontrollable. "Nothing... just a fight with some girls at the party. I know it's not like me to fight, but..." I looked at the TV for a mere second and saw something that made my stomach churn.

"BREAKING NEWS: This message is especially important for women in nearby counties. There have been several reports of a serial rapist attacking women and posing as a police officer. This is the composite sketch of the rapist." A man's picture appeared on the screen with a large scar extending over his right cheek.

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