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The Older Woman

Short story By: d l westra

Tags: Sex, Love, Lust, Drinking

Is a boreding friday night for Jeff until this older woman walk into the bar that night. He ends up going home with her. So read this story to find out what happends to Jeff and the older woamn he meets.

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The older woman

By D. L. Westra

It was Friday night and I was bored. Therefore, I went to the little bar on the corner. I got to the bar at about 8pm the bar was empty. I sat at the bar and ordered a beer. It was not long before, a good-looking older blonde-haired woman, came in and sat down at the bar beside me. She was wearing a very low cut, short red dress. I said, "Hi." She asked, "How are you tonight?" I was staring at her very big round breasts. That looked like they were going to pop out of the top of her dress. She told me her name was, "Diana." I said, "Nice to meet you my name is Jeff." We sat and drank for hours. She told me she was "47." I told her that, "I would be 23 in a week." She told me, that her husband was out of town and that she was bored. We talked for a long time. Then the bar tender told us, he was closing the bar. She asked me if I wanted to go to her house for another drink.

Therefore, we drove to her house. It was a very big house in a very nice neighborhood. We when in to the living room and sat on the leather couch. Diana brought me a rum and cola to drink. She sat beside me on the couch. She told me that I was a very good-looking young man. Then she rubbed my bulge in my pants. I liked the feel of her rubbing me. I reached over and popped one of her big round breast out of the top her dress. Her breast was so big I could not get it all in both my hands. She stopped rubbing me and started to unzip my pants. I bent forward and stuck her hard nipple in my mouth. She pulled my rod out of my pants and started to stroke my shaft softly. I was sucking her nipple harder and harder the faster she stroked me.

She got up and grabbed me by the hand. She led me to the bedroom. The bedroom was very big with a big bed. The bed had red satin bedding on it. She led me to the bed and sat me down on it. She sat on her knees on the floor in front of me. She undo my pants and pulled them down she grabbed my shaft and put it in her mouth. She sucked my rod until it was very hard then she got up and unzipped her dress. The dress fell to the floor at her feet. She was now just wearing a little lacey, black g-string. She walked over and put her breasts in my face. I started to lick and suck her breasts. I grabbed her other breast and started to fondle her nipple. She grabbed my hard shaft and started to stroke my rod. I was in heaven with my face in her big breasts. She was stroking my shaft faster and faster. I was getting close to shooting my load so she stopped stroking my shaft. I slowly licked my way down her belly and over her bush. She spread her legs a little, as my tongue went into her nub. I started to lick her nub softly. She spread her legs a little more and I stuck my tongue in her all the way. I grabbed her by the waist, spun her to the bed with my tongue still inside her, and laid her down on her back. I was licking her from her rosebud to her little man in the boat and back to her rosebud. She was starting to moan. I then started to suck her nub the, harder I sucked her little man the louder she moaned. I could feel my chin getting very wet from her juices. She was squirting all over my chin and the bed. She rolled over and told me to lick her rosebud. I started licking her rosebud and she started moaning very loud. Then I stuck a finger in her rosebud and with the other hand, I started to finger her pleasure place. She was squirting all over the bed. The red satin bedspread was getting a very big dark spot from all her juices that were on it.

I started to kiss her backside and move up her back. I was slowly kissing my way up her back. I kissed her all the way to her neck. I kissed her neck at the same time I was sticking my rods head to her rosebud. I started to stick the head of my rod in her from behind. She was moaning louder, the more of my erection went in her. I was nibbling on her ear now. I could feel that her face was very hot now. When my shaft was all the way inside of her, I started to pump her; she started to scream with pleaser. She was screaming so loud, that it was making me start to unload my hot load inside of her. I rolled off her, she went down the bed she started to suck my hard-on. She sucked me hard again. Then she rolled on to her back I got between her legs. I lifted her legs up to my shoulders and stuck the head of my rod inside of her pleasure place. I started to shack me rod head just inside of her canal. She started to cum and squirt all over my shaft and the bed. In just minutes my knees where in a big puddle of her creamy juices. I then stuck my whole self all the way inside of her hot wet canal and started to pump her. My jewels where slapping her soft butt. I pounded her hard for a long time. Then I pulled my out of her pleasure place. Grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth to my hard stiff one. She stuck my shaft in her mouth and sucked my stiff rod. I was shooting my big hot load in her mouth. She gobbled all my manly juices down her throat.

We both got up and went to the bathroom. The bathroom was large with marble tile floor and walls we both got in the shower. The shower was a very big one with two showers heads one on each end. In the shower, she got on her knees and sucked my limp rod until my shaft was as hard as a rock. Then she stood up bent forward and put her hands on the wall of the shower. I got behind her and stuck my stiff shaft in her pleasure place. I stuck my very hard rod all the way into my jewels. I started pounding her canal hard. She was moaning louder and louder. I pumped her harder and harder. She was shooting her juices time after time. I could not hold it anymore I shoved myself deeper and harder into her. I unload all my manly juices inside her pleasure place very hard. We both cleaned up and got out of the shower we both toweled our self-dry. Went back to the bedroom and went to sleep.

I wake up to her sucking my hard rod. She was sucking me down her throat. I grabbed her head by the hair and pulled her mouth down harder on my stiff shaft. I grabbed one of her legs and pulled her on top of me with her lower lips over my face. I started to lick her soft lower lips; I licked my way to her nub. Then I stuck her little man in the boat in my mouth and started sucking it in my mouth. She was having a hard time sucking my big stiff shaft because she was having an orgasm and squirting all over my face. Her orgasms came one after another. Her sweet hot juice was all over my chin, was dripping on to my chest. I stuck two fingers inside her canal; I started to pump my fingers in and out of her pleasure place. She was having orgasm after orgasm my hand was very wet in just minutes. I rolled her over so she was on the bottom. Then I moved to her pleasure place. I pulled her legs up until her knees where sitting on her breasts. Then I stuck the head of my stiff rod inside her canal, with one of my hands I started to shack my shaft. The head of my rod was hitting her g-spot. She was screaming and squirting all over my hand and my shaft. The bed was soaking wet under my knees and her butt from all her juices. She started to scream at me "fuck me, fuck me hard, and now!"

Therefore, I stuck my hard erection in deeper and started to pound her. I pounded her faster and harder. I pumped her pleasure place this way for some time. Then I felt, I was going to unload my steamy load. Therefore, I stuck myself deeper and harder inside of her canal. I felt myself hitting the back of her canal. As I shot, my load of hot manly juices inside of her pleasure place. Her legs were quivering as she squirted the biggest load of her juices came gushing from her canal. I fell onto her and we both just laid there for some time.

Then we got up and she grabbed my hand and led me out a back door that was in the bedroom. We both went past the hot tub to a little cedar building. In the little cedar building, I see it was a steam bath. The steam bath house had long marble benches. She led me over to the bench and laid me down on my back. Then she got between my legs and put her face in my crotch. She sucked my limp shaft into her mouth. Her mouth was going up and down on my rod I was getting harder and harder. The head of my rod was deep in her throat. When she had my hard-on all the way hard she stopped sucking it. Got up and sat her on it she was facing me sitting on my stiff rod and bouncing up and down. She started bouncing slowly at first. She then bounced faster and harder. I could feel her swallow lower lips hitting my jewels the harder she bounced. I was thrusting my hips to meet her. My rod was going in so deep. It was hitting the back of her canal. She was screaming with pleaser.

We were both wet from the steam. She pounded me this way for some time. Then she got up and got on her hands and knees. I got behind her and stuck myself in her pleasure place, hard and fast. I grabbed her hair and started pumping her hard. She was screaming with pleaser. It did not take me long to feel my rod fill up with my manly juices. I pulled her hair harder and shoved myself in her deeper. As I unload myself inside her wet hot canal. My body felt weak.

Therefore, I just lay on the bench beside her for some time. We played the rest of the day way. We played in the hot tub. We played in the kitchen. We did it all over the house. That night I went home to my little place. I go to the bar on the corner every Friday in hope she will come in and we can play again.

The end


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