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The Hitchhiker and the nurse

Short story By: d l westra

this story is about one weekend with a young good looking guy and the erotic times that deedee had

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The hitchhiker

By d. l. westra

It was a Friday night, it was dark and raining. I had just got off from work at the hospital where I am a RN nurse. The kids and my husband where out of town for the weekend. Therefore, I was going home to an empty house for the weekend. I was looking forwarded to having the house to myself. I started the long drive home it was about 30 mile from the hospital to my house. When I seen a young man standing on the side of the hwy, hitchhiking. He was soaking wet from the rain. So, I stopped and picked him up. He was about 6 feet tall and muscular, short black hair, dark brown skin. He looked to be about 30 years old and a pacific islander. His cloths were old and dirty as he got in my car.

I told him, "My name is Deedee."

He said, "I am Aaron and thank you for the ride."

I asked him, "Where are you going to."

He told me, "Just as far as you are going would be good."

I said, "I am going about 30 miles, if that would be, ok."

He said, "That would be great."

We did not talk for a long time then; I asked him if he had a place to sleep tonight.

He said, "No I do not."

So I said, "I have a big house to myself, you came spend the night if you want to."

He said, "thank you."

When we got to my house I cooked a late dinner and let Aaron take a shower. When Aaron came in the kitchen, he was wearing just a towel around his waist. He had some tattoos on his chest and arms.

I said, "Would you like to eat dinner with me."

Aaron said, "Yes please and thank you for being so nice."

I could not stop staring at his yummy looking body sitting at my table. [Me being a 40 year old, married woman, with a few extra pounds.] I was having nasty daydreams about this young dark skinned man sitting at my table. After dinner, I took Aarons clothes and washed them. Aaron was in the living room sitting on the couch watching TV. When I came into the living room his towel was, open just a little bet. I could see the tip of his erection sticking out from the towel. Seeing his erection like that was getting me very hot. I could feel my juices flowing; my panties were getting wet.

I told him, "I am going to take a shower and get my night clothes on."

Therefore, I showered and went in my bedroom to get dressed for bed. Nevertheless, I could not stop thinking about Aaron's shaft head sticking out of his towel. So, I got my sexiest nightgown the one that barely covered my double ff breasts and did not cover my big round butt. I went back out to the living room and sat on the couch beside Aaron.

He looked at me and said, "I like your night gown."

My nipples where sticking straight out and hard as a rock. I was very wet between the legs from just sitting beside the young hunk of a man. Aaron put his hand on my leg just above my knee. I liked the feeling I was having from it. I put my hand on Aaron's leg just below his towel. Aaron was moving his hand up the inside of my leg, his fingers where headed for my very wet swollen lower lips. I was so existed, [I had never done a thing like this before for I had married my husband just after high school and he was the only guy I had ever had pleasure with.]

I started to stick my hand under Aaron's towel and on the head of his erection. His erection was a lot bigger then my husband's. Aaron's fingers were now stroking my swollen nub very lightly. It felt so good. I now had his whole shaft in my hand it was very big I think it is about 8ins long and very fat. I bent forward and opened Aaron's towel. I started to lick him from the bottom to the top. He stuck his fingers inside of me and started to wiggle them in and out. He was hitting my g-spot with the tip of his fingers. I started to make a little noise. I had never had my g-spot played with before. I stuck the head of his erection in my mouth and started to suck it, he pushed his hips up making more of him go in my mouth. I started to make my mouth go up and down on his erection. His was going deeper and deeper in my mouth and down my throat. Aaron took his thumb and started to rub my swollen nub hard and with his fingers, he was rubbing my g-spot hard. I was going nuts with pleasure. I started to squirt all over his hand and the couch. I now, had all 8ins of Aaron's big erection in my mouth and throat, was bobbing my head up and down on it. Then Aaron's whole body got stiff and he pull himself out of my mouth. Just in time to shot his big steamy load all over my big breasts. His juices were dripping off my breasts and on to the couch.

At this time, I just wanted to have him shot his load in my hot wet swollen lower lips.

I looked up at Aaron asking, "did you like that baby."

He said, "You bet."

Aaron pulled his hand out of me. I got up and sat on his lap, facing him grabbing his erection and sticking it in my wet very tight canal. I started to go up and down on his erection and kissing him on the lips. He started to pump himself in and out of my very wet tight canal. I was bouncing up and down harder on his erection. His erection was so big I could feel it hitting the back of my canal. It was making my juices squirt all over his lap. He grabbed me and rolled me over on my back. He grabbed my legs and pulled them up to my breasts, and then he stuck his big erection inside of me and started to pump slowly. It felt so good but I wanted him to pump me harder. Aaron started to pound me faster and faster. My juices started flow, the faster and harder he pounded me, the faster my juices flowed. The harder I came, the louder I moaned. He pounded me this way for a long time.

Then he flipped me to the floor on my hands and knees. He got behind me and stuck his erection in my now dripping wet velvety pink canal, grabbed my long brown hair. He was pulling my hair hard with every stroke he made. I was screaming with pleasure. We played like this for a long time. As his body got stiff and he shoved himself in deeper than ever before and filled my canal with his hot load of manly juices. He pulled himself out of me, and rolled me over on my back and started to lick my swollen lower lips clean. He licked all the juices out of my swollen lower lips, making my juices flow again and again. We got up and went to the shower together.

In the shower, I sucked him hard again. He pounded me again from behind. We both got out and toweled off. We both went to bed in my bed that night. I woke up first in the morning. I woke up very aroused, I looked at Aaron sleeping beside me. I know I had to have more of him. So, I crawled under the blanket and started to lick his soft shaft and jewels, his got hard fast. When it was hard, I started to suck on it. He woke up and put his hand on my big butt, he started to squeeze it. I was now sucking his erection up and down. He pulled me over him with my lower lips over his mouth. He started to slowly lick my nub, his hand was moving up the inside of my thigh headed for my lower lips. The more he licked my nub, the faster I sucked his erection. His finger started in my velvety pink canal first one, then another one, until he had all five inside of me.

Then he started to go in and out with them, [I had never had a whole hand inside of me before]. I was having a hard time sucking on him because; I was screaming with pleasure, his fingertips were hitting the back of my canal hard. His tongue was lick hard on my nub now. I was sucking his erection and playing with his jewels in my hand. As he slide his other hand up over my big butt, to my rosebud and stuck a finger inside of my rosebud. I wiggle because, it hart at first but, then it felt so good, I screamed very loud in pleasure. [It was the first time I had anything in my rosebud.] My juices squirted all over Aaron's hand and face. He pulled his hands out of me, grabbed me by the hair, and pulled my head out of the blanket.

He rolled over on top of me and stuck his big hard erection in my soaking wet swollen canal. He started pounding me hard hitting the back on my canal with the tip of his erection. It was not long before my juices flowed and squirting all over the bed. He was pumping my wet canal hard, I was moaning very loud, [I was glad I did not have neighbors very close to hear me]. Aaron pounded me this way for a long time. Then he pulled his erection out of my very wet swollen canal, rolled me onto my belly. He stuck his head down to my butt and started to lick my rosebud. He licked circles around the outside of my rosebud. I had never had my rosebud licked before. With one hand, he grabbed my hair and the other hand he was fingering my nub. As he licked my rosebud, he pulled my hair. I was moaning into my pillow and squirting all over the bed. The bed was now very wet.

Then he stopped licking my rosebud and climbed on top of me. He then stuck his hard erection head to my butt; he started to push it in my rosebud. I bite my pillow because it hart but, it felt good. He very slowly shoved his erection deeper in my rosebud. His erection was slowly going in my butt. I pushed my butt up to get all of him inside my rosebud. He started very slowly going, in and out. I screamed with pleasure as he pumped me hard, I started to squirt hard from his big erection in my rosebud. Aaron was now pounding the hell out of me now. Aaron's body got stiff and he shoved himself all the way inside of me and shot his big steamy load of juices in my rosebud. Aaron pulled his big erection out of me and lay on the bed beside me.

We both got out of the bed and went to the shower. I started to soap Aaron all up. I started with his chest and back then his butt and the back of his legs and up the front of his legs. When I got to his limp shaft, I started to stroke it hard. When his shaft was hard, again I started to suck it. I was on my knees on the bottom of the shower sucking him hard and fast. It did not take him long to shot his load of juices in my mouth.

We cleaned up and got out of the shower I started cooking breakfast for us both, I was still naked. Aaron was sitting at the table naked too. We eat breakfast and I went and got Aarons clothes from the dryer. We both got dressed and I drove him to the next town up the road. I still see Aaron now and then. He is now the cook in the next town up the road from my house.

The end


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