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The Day Bob Came at Our House

Short story By: d l westra

Tags: Sex, Party, Male, On, Lust

My husband best friend came over for a b-day party. Bob wanted me but a joke was put forth for him to do. So read and find out what happeneds to Bob at our house.

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The day bob came at our house

By D. L. Westra

Bob was my husband's best friend for years and was at our house all the time. I had a secret lust for Bob. He was tall dark and handsome. Bob was at our house for my b-day. We were all just sitting around and drinking. I got up and went to the kitchen to make myself a new drink. While in the kitchen Bob grabbed me and tried to kiss me, I told his to stop it. He looked at me and said, "I want to fuck the hell out of you." I said, "Bob stop this I am your best friend wife." Bob answered with, "he can watch." I told Bob that, "you are bad." Bob said, "I know you want me to." I jokingly said, "You can fuck me but, you have to fuck Jeff first." Jeff is my husband. Then Bob said, "You got a deal." I thought that Bob was joking. Jeff called from the living room, "Deedee can you bring me a drink please."

Therefore, I got Jeff's and my drink and went to the living room. Bob came back in the living room to. About an hour later, Bob got me in the hall and, said, "If Jeff lets me fuck him you will have to do the same, ok." I said, "Yes, ok." Nevertheless, Jeff will not let you fuck him. I was getting horny just thinking about Bob doing Jeff in the rosebud. We went back in the living room Bob sat by Jeff. Bob asked Jeff, "Do you want to help me give Deedee a birthday present." Jeff being drunk said, "Ok." Bob said, "You promise." "Ok, I promise," said Jeff. Jeff asked, "What do you want me to do." Bob said, "Pull down your pants." Therefore, Jeff pulled down his pants. Bob got on the floor in front of Jeff, grabbed Jeff's soft shaft, and stuck it in his mouth. I was staring at them; my eyes were glued to Bob sucking Jeff's shaft. Jeff's shaft was getting hard Bobs head was bobbing up and down. I was getting wet I can feel that my lower lips was tingling. I was getting very aroused watching Bob blowing Jeff. Then Bob told Jeff to lie on his belly on the floor.

Then Bob pulled his pants off. Bobs rod was as hard as a rock and about 9 inches long. Bob told me to come over and sit on the floor beside Jeff. Therefore, I did. Then Bob told me to stick my hand under Jeff and to stroke him. Therefore, I did. Then Bob got on top of Jeff and slowly started to stick his erection in Jeff's rosebud. Jeff wiggled as Bobs started in his rosebud I was getting very excited. I was watching Bob's erection going into Jeff's rosebud more and more. Then Bob had all of himself inside Jeff. Bob started to pump up and down. Jeff was moaning like a woman. I had never seen a guy on a guy before and it was getting me very excited. Bob was pounding Jeff's rosebud hard now. I still had Jeff's shaft in my hand. I started to stroke him. Jeff shot his hot load all over my hand and the floor. It was more then I had ever seen him done before. Bob pulled himself out of Jeff's rosebud and said, "Happy birthday Deedee." I looked down at the floor under myself there was a little puddle. I had come just from watching the guys going at it. Jeff got back up his shaft was limp. I looked at Bob's hard erection. Bob looked at me.

Then Bob picked me up and sat me on the couch. Bob got on his knees in front of me. He grabbed my legs and lifted then up over his shoulders. He started to lick my swollen lower lips; he got my nub in his mouth and sucked it hard. This sent shivers all over my body. Bob was sucking my nub in and out. I grabbed Jeff's rod and stuck it in my mouth. I sucked Jeff's shaft in deeper and deeper. Bob stuck a finger in my canal and started to wiggle it on my g-spot. I was having a hard time sucking on Jeff because Bob was making my juices flow with every orgasm. Then Bob stopped and got up Jeff went down to his knees and started to finger and lick my swollen lower lips. Bob stuck his erection in my face; I stuck Bobs in my mouth and took it down my throat. Bob grabbed my hair and bobbed my head with himself in my mouth. Bob was pulling my hair hard and I liked it. With three fingers inside of me, Jeff was rubbing my g-spot very hard. Jeff was still licking my swollen nub too. I was letting my juices flow all over Jeff's face. Bob was still pumping my face hard. Bobs whole body got stiff and he shoved himself deeper down my throat as he shot his load of hot steaming manly juices down my throat. Bob pulled himself out of my mouth and sat in a chair on the other side of the room.

Jeff stood up and put my feet on his chest. Then he stuck the head of his erection in my swollen lower lips and started to shake himself. The head of his erection was hitting my g-spot. My juices started to flow and squirt all over Jeff erection and down his legs. Then Jeff thrusting himself into me hard, his hard shaft head was hitting the back of my canal so hard it made my juices flowed instantly. My juices flowed out of my velvet pink lips over his balls and down his legs. I looked over to see Bob was whacking himself hard. Jeff went in deeper and harder than before. I know he was shooting his hot load of juices deep inside of me. Jeff pulled himself out of my swollen lower lips. I felt Jeff's juices leaking out of me and down pass my rosebud. Bob got up and came over to me. Bob started to clean up the juices that were coming out of my swollen lips. He started licking at my rosebud and stopped at my swollen nub. Bob eat all the juices out of my swollen lower lips. Then he got up and stuck his very hard erection in my canal. Bob pounded me hard for a long time. Then Jeff stuck his head down between Bob's legs and started to lick both Bob's jewels and my rosebud. Jeff was sticking his tongue up in the back of my canal and licking Bob's erection at the same time. My juices were gushing out of my swollen canal. My legs were now like jell-o, Bob shot his hot load of manly juices deep inside of me. And Jeff licked it all out. Then Jeff licked Bob clean too. Jeff then sucked Bob's rod hard again. I just watched him suck Bob's shaft hard. It was so hot to me to see my husband sucking a guy's erection.

Then Bob had me get on his lap facing him. With Bob's erection in of my canal, Jeff got behind me and stuck his shaft in my rosebud. As Jeff pumped in and out, I could feel their shafts rubbing inside of me. My juices flowed and squirted all over Bob's lap. Jeff shot his hot load hard, fast and pulled out. Bob then bounced me up and down hard on his rod until his manly juices shot deep in my canal. I fell off Bobs lap on to the floor like a limp rag doll. I could not move, my whole body felt like jell-o. Jeff went and licked Bob clean. I was thinking it was over. Then Bob grabbed Jeff by the hair bent him over and stuck his shaft in Jeff's rosebud one more time. Bob pumped Jeff rosebud long and hard. As I watch them, Jeff was moaning and screaming like a woman in heat. Then I seen Jeff shot his hot load all over the place. Bobs body got stiff and he shoved himself deeper and harder in Jeff rosebud. Bob was shooting his hot steaming load too.

We all then past out, the next morning Bob was gone. We have Bob over a lot still. We play with him all the time now. In addition, it is still hot to me to see the guys playing with each other.

The end


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