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the day before my wedding

Short story By: d l westra

Tags: Sex, Girl, On, Hottub

it is was the day before our wedding and we had alot to do. but I did not think we would be doing the hot sexy wedding planer. this is the story about doing her.

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The Day before My Wedding

By d. l. westra

It was a warm October day, the day before our wedding there were many things going on. Liz a very hot blonde-haired person was the wedding organizer. She was wearing a tank top and tight jeans that you can see her panty line through her jeans. The top that she was wearing you can see her nipples sticking out. I, the groom, was setting up the wedding tents with my friends. My Bride to be, is a very hot looking women, her name is Pam. Pam and her friends where working on the flowers. Liz was checking on the guys, she bent over to look at the bottom of the poles, I seen her boob come out of her tank top her big red nipple was so nice looking, I just want to grab it, stick it in my mouth but, I was to be married the next day. I was so aroused now and just wanted to do Liz.

I got in the hot tub to cool off and relax a little. In no time, Liz came out to the hot tub. Liz asked, "If there is room for one more in the hot tub" and I said, "yes" to her. She starts to get naked. I was staring at her as she took off her tank top. Her big nipples where hard and red on her over size breast, I wanted her more than before. She removed her jeans and panties all at one time, down off her long slender legs. I could see she was shaved bold, I seen her pink lips in the front of her as she got in with me. She sat down beside me in the hot tub. Liz asked, "Are you having fun." I said, "I am now that you are here." She laugh at me, and grabbed my throbbing erection under the water, I gasp as she stroked my shaft hard. I grabbed her breast, and rubbed her big red nipple.

I was now so aroused; I did not see Pam come out to the hot tub. She saw what we were doing under the water. I thought she would be mad at me but she was not. She just undressed and got in too. I stopped playing with Liz's breast. Liz was still stroking my hard throbbing erection. Pam came over to me and kissed me on the lips as she grabbed Liz's breast, pulled it out of the water, and started to suck the nipple. I did not know what to do for a second. I just know it was hot to see my bride to be, sucking on Liz's nipple. I stuck a finger into Pam's velvety pink lower lips; it was hot and wet, very, very wet. Pam started to kiss Liz on the lips. As I slid my finger in deeper to Pam, as Liz stroked my harder shaft was throbbing.

My bride to be was thrusting her hips in rhythm to my finger going, in and out of her canal. I started to finger Liz with the other hand, she moaning at my touch. Pam juices flowed over my hand and, she kissing Liz harder as her orgasm started to flow. I fingered Liz harder and harder, as I listened to my bride to be, moan louder and louder. As Liz, Pam juices are flowing at the same time, (the girls were moaning very loudly.) I was fingering both of them faster and harder, the girls were playing with each other's breasts, rubbing the nipples making them harder and redder, both the girls' orgasms again together. Liz said, "We need to go inside to the bedroom."

We all got out of the hot tub and toweled off, went inside, to the bedroom. In the bedroom, the two girls got on the bed and, started to lick each other's pleasure place. My bride to be, started to lick Liz's nub, Liz was moaning and bucking her hips like mad, Pam was stick two fingers in Liz's swollen canal. I sat on the bed with my harder erection in hand, stroking it. Liz juices were flowing and Pam was licking her nub and fingering her canal harder. Liz was sticking her tongue deep in my bride to be, swollen canal. Pam started to moan and wiggle. As I was watching them, I was stroking my hard throbbing shaft faster and faster. The girls had orgasms after orgasms. Both the girls stopped licking on each other, looked at me and smiled at each other.

They both can over to me on the bed, started to lick my hard-on, from the jewels to the head. I am in the middle of, Liz on one side and Pam on the other side. There tongue tips touching at the top of my shaft. My jewels were getting tighter, the more they licked me. I stuck a finger into my bride to be, rosebud, she moaned but did not stop licking my shaft. I started to finger Liz's swollen canal with the other hand. I fingered both of the girls, and they kept on licking and sucking my hard throbbing erection. They started to moan and I start to finger them harder. I slipped a second finger into Pam butt, she moaned louder and louder. Liz was trussing her hips with my fingers going, in and out of her canal. Both of the girls started to orgasms at the same time. The girls juices flowed and sucking harder on my shaft. I was thinking, I was going to shoot my load too. I did not want to shoot my load now. I wanted to do them both. I said, "I want to fuck you Liz."

Liz got on her hands and knees, I got behind her and stuck my hard shaft in her, started to pump her slowly. Pam stuck her head under us and started to lick us both. She licked Liz's swollen lower lips, my jewels as I was pumping Liz in and out, harder and harder. Liz started to moan, she was getting tighter and wetter the more she moaned the louder she got. Her juices flowed and squirted all over Pam's face. I could not hold it a minute longer; I shot my hot load of manly juices in her hot tight canal. The juices ran out of Liz's tight canal and, Pam was licking it up as fast as she can, it was hot and sweet.

I pulled myself out of Liz's tight canal, moved over to Pam's swollen lower lips, stuck my hard erection inside of her, and started to pound her. Liz moved to sit on Pam's face, started to lick Liz's swollen nub. Pam licked all the sweet juices that Liz had in her hot tight canal. I was pounding Pam harder and harder, she was moaning louder and louder. Her knees where bouncing on her breasts with every thrust I made. My jewels where getting tighter and tighter. Liz was rubbing herself in Pam's face harder and harder. Moaning, the more they moaned the closer I came to shooting my load. We all had orgasms together; I pulled myself out and fell back on the bed. Liz started to lick all the juices from Pam's canal. My bride to be started to wiggle and moan again, as Liz licked all the juices out of her hot sweet canal, Pam orgasm again.

We all got into the shower together; cleaning up, for it was getting late. In the shower, it started again. I shoved Liz up to the side of the shower and stuck my hard erection in her butt. I grabbed her hair and pounded her rosebud hard. She shoved her butt onto my hard shaft. We pump and pounded this way for a while. Liz had an orgasm harder than before. I pulled myself out of her rosebud and shoved her head down by my erection as I squirting my hot steamy load all over her face. Liz licked up the juices out of her tight canal. Pam was in the corner of the shower with her fingers deep in herself. Just fingering the hell out of her own canal, moaning she was making herself orgasm.

We all finishing showering off got out and toweled off. Liz got dressed and went home. Pam and I went into the bedroom. Pam said, "I am still aroused, I want you to fuck me in the butt hard like you did to Liz." I told her to, "Get on your knees and start sucking my 9in dick." Pam got on her knees and started to suck on my shaft, in and out, fast and faster. My shaft started getting harder and harder, as she took it deeper and deeper. I stopped her, bent her over the side of the bed and grabbed her butt checks, spread them apart and stuck my big hard throbbing erection in her little pink rosebud, slowly. The head went in, she wiggled a little more, went in a little more and, she started to moan her butt was tighter. When I was all the way inside of her rosebud, her moaning and screaming in pleasure, I started to pump slowly. She moaned loader and screamed loader I pumped her faster and harder. She screamed in pleasure as I pounded and pumped. She started to squirt and squirted. As I pumped and pounded, my jewels were wet from her squirting on them. Her juices flowed all over me. I could not hold on any longer I had to shoot my hot steaming manly juices. I trusted my shaft hard in her rosebud as, I shot my hot load of juices inside of her rosebud.

The next day, Pam and I got married. We had a good wedding thanks to Liz. The best thing Liz did for us was the day before the wedding. I think now, that I think back on it. It has been over 30 years ago and I am still married to Pam.

The End


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