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my first girlfreind

Short story By: d l westra

This story about two girls that just meet for the first time on the beach. Janet did not know that things would go the way they did. So read this story to find out what happens to Janet in my fisrt girlfriend.

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My first girlfriend

By d. l. Westra

It was late summer I was at the lake with my friends. I was wearing a very little two-piece swimsuit. The top was so small it barely covered my nipples. The bottoms showed the top of my butt off. I was lying on my towel when she came up to me. She sat down beside me and started to talk to me she told me her name was "Susie."

I told her my name was "Janet."

She asked me, "How old are you?"

I told her, "I am 19."

She said, "That cool because I am 19 too."

Susie was wearing a two-piece bathing suit that fit her as if it was made for her. We talked for a long time. Then my friends wanted to leave.

I said, "Good bye, Susie."

She told me she had a car at the lake and that she would give me a ride, if I wanted to stay. Therefore, I stayed and we just sat on our towels and talked. It was starting to get dark. Therefore, we decided to go. We got into her car. Her car was an old light blue vw bug. I was getting cold because I was still just wearing that little swimsuit. She asked me if it would be ok, if we stopped at her house for a minute.

I said that "was ok with me."

So, we stopped at her apartment and we went in. It was a very small one-room apartment. She pulled the bed down and told me to sit on the bed as she went to the bathroom. Therefore, I did, in a minute or so. She came back out and sat down beside me on the bed. She was dressed in a shirt and a pair of jeans.

She asked me if "I had ever kissed another girl."

I told her "no."

Then she kissed me, at first I tried to push her away. Then I just went with it. Her tongue went into my mouth dancing with my tongue. I was starting to like it. Then one of her hands was on my breast. She was squeezing my breast lightly. In addition, I liked it more and more. With her, other hand she had my hair, and was pulling it as her tongue was dancing in my mouth. I could feel myself getting wet. The more she kissed me and squeezed my breast the wetter my swimsuit bottom was getting. She pulled me back on the bed until I was lying on my back. Then she slowly started to move her hand down my stomach and to my swimsuit bottoms at the top, of my swimsuit bottoms. As I was gasping for air from the kiss, she just has given me for the very first time. She slides her fingers under the swimsuit and into my bush. Her fingers were playing with my hairs under my swimsuit. Then her fingers moved to the front of my soft lower lips and slowly opened them. With one finger, she started to pull the hood from my nub. I had never had anyone play with my nub in this way before. I wanted her fingers to go inside of me.

She stopped kissing me and asked me if, "do you liked this."

I was breathing hard now as I answered her, "yes."

Then she asked, "Am I your first?"

Still breathing hard I told her "yes" again.

Then she started to kiss my neck. I could feel my face was burning up. I was burning up with lust; my body was aching for more. She kissed my neck up to my ear. Then she kissed and nibbled my ear. I felt one of her fingers slide inside my hot wet canal. My legs were quivering, I was breathing hard. My heart was beating so; fast it felt like it was going to come out of my chest. I started to moan as the tip of her finger was now, going in and out of me. She was sticking her finger in deeper and deeper. I was now pushing myself up to make her finger goes deeper inside my pleasure place. I put my hand under the bottom of her shirt I slowly moved my hand up to her bra. Then I slid my hand under her bra and cupped her breast. She kissed her way back to my mouth and had her tongue in my mouth. She slide her other hand under my back and undid my swimsuit top. She then started to kiss her way down my chin then to my neck, to my chest. With her teeth, she pulled my swimsuit top off.

Then she kissed my breast first the right one, then the left one. She still was fingering my pleasure place. Her soft lips felt so good on my breast. I was having an orgasm on her fingers. I had never had an orgasm before my whole body was quivering. She then kissed her way down my belly and to the top of my swimsuit bottoms. With one hand and her teeth, she started to pull my swimsuit bottoms down. She stopped fingering me and pulled my swimsuit bottoms, the rest of the way off my butt and down my legs. My swimsuit bottom was now resting at my knees. She kissed my bush; her butt was on the bed beside me. Therefore, I grabbed her butt and squeezed it. She kissed the front of my soft lower lips. Her kissing was driving me nuts. Her tongue was going in the front of my lower lips and tickling my nub. She then stopped and sat on the floor in front of me. She removed my swimsuit bottoms the rest of the way. She pulled my legs a part.

Then she stuck her head between my legs and licked my soft lower lips. Her tongue felt so warm and soft on my hot lower lips. Her tongue was pushing in past my lower lips; my canal was very wet now. She was licking her way deeper inside of my pleasure place. She was licking my nub now. I felt her finger going into my canal. She was spreading my swollen lower lips apart with her thumb and a finger as she slid her fingers in my canal first one finger, then one more. Her two fingers where going in and out of my pleasure place. In about a minute, I was having an orgasm. She keep licking and fingering me for some time. I came about five times.

She then stood up and removed all her clothes. She got on top of me with her pleasure place over my mouth and her mouth over mine too. With one hand, she opened my sweet lower lips and started to play with my little man in the boat. I licked at her pleasure place. I liked the taste of her sweet juices. I stuck my tongue in past her hot lower lips. The tip of my tongue was rubbing her nub. She stuck her tongue into my canal and started to wiggle it inside of me. My juices flowed out fast with her tongue inside my canal. I was licking her nub faster and faster she was moaning. Very softly, I stuck a finger inside of her. She was so wet and sticky I started rubbing her g-spot. Her moaning got a bit louder. She then stuck three fingers up inside of me. With one finger, she was rubbing my g-spot and she was sticking the other two deep in my canal. Her fingers where going in and out of me, faster and faster. My juice was flowing out of me fast, repeatedly. I was fingering her faster and faster. As her juices started to flow, her canal was getting so tight, that I was having a hard time making my fingers go in and out of her. My chin was getting very wet from all her sweet juice. Her finger tip where hitting the back of my canal. We fingered each other for a long time.

Then she got up and when to her dresser. She got a double-ended dildo out. She came back to the bed, grabbed my legs, and pulled them up in the air. Then she stuck one end of the dildo inside my canal and started to pump me with the dildo. The dildo was going in and out faster and faster, harder and harder. My juices were flowing fast now. The dildo was hitting the back of my canal hard making my legs, quivering and shaking. I had never had a dildo before. Then she pulled my legs down flat on the bed and tight together. She then climbed on top of me. She stuck the other end of the dildo into her own canal. Then she started to bounces up and down on the dildo. She bounces faster and faster, in no time her juice was flowing out of her fast on to the dildo. I could feel her hot juices dripping on my bush. The more she came the wetter my bush was getting. It was making my juices flow out of me too. She rode that dildo for a long time. Our juices flowed and flowed. Until both of us tried, we can no longer move. Then she rolled off me and laid beside me. When I tried to get up, I fell back on the bed because my legs were like jell-o.

We got up and put our clothes back on and she drove me home. That was about a year ago. She is now my girlfriend we both now live in that little apartment. Someday I will tell you about the rest of the story. The end


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