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Sex In a Tent

Short story By: 123Write

Leah is camping with her boyfriend and there parents go off into town and she and Dany have a fun time.

Submitted:Jul 28, 2010    Reads: 2,054    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   

Leah sits inside the tent with her boyfriend Dany. Leah had brown hair and a smile every guy at there school smiled. She was skinny and a little short. Dany had brown hair and was the most popular guy at school.

"Kids were going to town. Be back later." The parents said.

"Kay!" They yell.

Dany looks at Leah and they smile to themselves. "Are you ready Leah?" Dany says laying on top of her small body. "Yes, kiss me." She says smiling.

Dany kisses her lips and neck. A moan passes there lips and Dany slips Leah's shirt off. Leah giggles and pulls Dany's shirt off breaking a button. He pulls down her bra and licks her nipple and she moans. "Please Dany."

"Please what?" He says taking off her bra.

"Fuck me Dany!"

"Nope, i get to tease you first and then you have to suck me and then i will fuck you hard." He says.

"Uh!" She groans.

He unbottons her pants and she lifts up her hips letting him pull them off. "Dany, this isn't fair...mm..you have to be naked too!" Leah says rubbing his chest. "Fine!" He says stripping off his pants and boxers. His dick came out and sprung to life. "Wholly shit! I don't think that's gunna fit!" Leah says looking at his 9in dick. "It will, if not..I will make it." He says pulling off her lace panties.

"Mm...are you wet sweetie?" He asks putting his finger in her pussy.

"Yes you are, your not a virgin right?"

"Nope, not a virgin....oh..."

He pumped one finger in and out for a moment then added two, then three.

"mmmm...oh! mmmm..." Leah gasps holding onto the sleepingbag.

"Dany suck me please! Please!" Leah cries moving her hips.

"I would be glad to." He says sucking her clit.

"Mmm! Oh ....gosh...yea..mmm!"She cries.

"You like that baby?" He says and then puts his dick infront of her lips. She opens her mouth and sucks him. Chocking a bit.

"Oh yea Leah...Suck me...good girl!" He screams and he cums a bit in her mouth."

"Fuck me now Dany! NOW!" Leah yells.

Dany puts her legs on his shoulders and pumps into her.

"Yes Dany! Mmm....! Dany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!" She says.

"Faster Dany!" Leah says. He pumps into her faster. His hips moving with his.

"Mmm..Dany I'm comming!" Leah says.

Dany stops and opens his mouth and catches her cum. He smiles.

"Love you." Dany says.

"Love you too."


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