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Oliva and Elliot part 2

Script By: wheredidtheangelsgo

Tags: Fanfic, Erotic, Sex, Desk

read part 1 it doesn't say part one but read my first script I've desided to contiue I'll lable them from now on

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6:05 AM

"Um el?"

he groan and rolls over

5 more minutes he whines

"no really wake up I'm handcuffed it the headboard"

he rolls back over and opens his eyes and starts laughing like crazy. Then he falls off the bed still laughing!

I start laughing too "really where are the kyes we got to go to work"

He stops luaghing abuptly "oh!"


he goes over to the side table and grabs the keys but stop for a moment

"what are you doing"

"woundering if we should call in sick and stay in bed all day" he says with a twinkle in his eye

"no" I say firmly

"fine" he unlocks the handcuffs and I rush to the bathroom to take a shower then get dressed.

"Liv we got a problum"


"how am I going to go into work wearing the same cloths?"

"say you didn't have anymore"

"fine but if someone finds out asks what do I say"

"you were drunk and had a one night stand I don't want thiss getting out so soon elliot"


1:45 am work palce:

after a long day of work with no leads it was paper work time my least favriot part of the job. lucky they all believed his story about the one night stand and he went to his locker to change. we then spent the day working a case that kept leading to dead ends but we weren't giving up. We just had to file everything and give it another look in the morning then send it of to bla bla bla.

"God damn it!!!!" Elillot yelled after about 20 minutes

"um what the hell"

"this is the 3'd pen that has stopped working you think they could spring for more pens"

I burst into luaghter

"whats so funny"

"its just pens here have some of mine.this isn't really about the pens is it?" I reached into my bag where I always kept some for times like this

"no I hate it when we don't get a lead then everyone goes home and leave us to the boring stuff everyday"

"I know" I sighed. then I look at him closely he was sad and angery his musales flexed his eyes glimmering his tye loosened from being agitated. god he was hot when he was like this. He caught me staring and lifted and eye brow. I leaned in and kissed him softly. he kissed me back slowly and carefully like if he messed up I'd pull away. I leaned into him and felt his heart rate pounding like crazy. I pulled away and stood up he looked at me with sad eyes but also gave me a puzzled look. I threw the papers and files off the desk in one swift motion.

"Olivia what the fuck!!!!!" he glared at me clearly pissed off. I grabed his tye pulled him up and kissed him deaply. push him downn onto the desk and just about ripped off his pants. "ummmmmmmm Liv" I shut him up with a kiss and undid his tye and shirtso he was left only in his boxers. I undressed slowly as to tease him leaving only my high heals on. "what were you saying?" as I got ontop him. "I don't rember" he said as i reached down his boxers and started giving him a handjob. he stared to moan so I took off his boxers and saw his huge erection that i had been feeling. I was so wet. I climed back ontop him and slowly lowered my self onto his penis almost balls deep. and rode them like a race horse. " OH OH OH OH OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" he cryed as he was close to coming "not yet not until I get mine" I said "please I can't Liv" he begged " you better" i demanded as I slightly started to pull him out of me then slammed back down " harder" i said and he did so his trusts matched mine "come with me el" and he did I sowe I saw stars. after we were done we picked up the paper work and started working agian on a diffrent desk and we content

I giggled

"what" he said

"that was finns desk! we had sex on." we burst out laughing

to be continuted


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