Law&order fanfic

By: wheredidtheangelsgo

Page 1, click and see Olivia and Elliot interesting walk home Olivia\' POV case is talked about (not one aired) but kinda gross it has a build up but I think it worth it

Liv just let me walk you home this day was hell

It's was true we had just tried to convict a killer who cut off people hands and used the bones to make a chandlier. It took us weeks to catch this guy by then he had killed and cut off hands of 18 victums. Not to metion he had had a killing spree by the bones age about 10 years ago but was never cuaght because he was running around the country luckly for us he was messy this time. Not to metion he tried to make me one of his victoms.


Thanks you know after me and kathy seprated you've been really helping me get on my feet

don't metions it. I stared into those wounderul eyes,eyes that I had seen everyday for the past oh how many years? I've lost count. his lips full slitghly cracked from the cold of winter but looked so kissable.

half way to my house I couldn't help it I grabbed his hand


Sorry just cold is all

I was lieing he looked so hot after a day of work with me his rough hands and strong arms,I was fanstizeing about him the rest of the way to my aparment. When suddenly he looked right at me and tucked a simple stand of hair behind my ear like friends do. But I lost it I grabbed him by the tie and yanked him close and crushed my lips to his in a warm passionet kiss.

Olivia what the hell??

I-I-don't know what to say

Me and kathy have only been seprated for 2 weeks

I know I just...after all that has happened these past few weeks I needed comfert would it be inappriote to invite you upstairs? just to hang out I need someone to talk to.


we ended up talking for hours and had finished off about a half of jack danials when I went to kiss him agian only this time he didn't push way. He grabbed my close and I put my arms around hsi neck as his slid up my back to my hair. we kissed so hot and soon our breath was heavy almost panting I was so turned on. He lifed me off the coutch and layed me on the bed and soon was ontop me. But I quickly flipped him so I was on him only I flipped him the wrong way and we fell off the bed. we burst into luaghter but ketp going. he ripped open my blouse and kissed my neck. I took off his tie andun-buttoned his shirt at lightning speed. soon I felt his member sieing I felt it agiant my leg. He put me on the edge of the bed and alyed me back. I could see his huge erection though his pants. He un-did his belt but his pants didn't drop. I yank him forward and he was kissing me agian he unhooked my bra and..oh god I felt his hand go down my pants and soon his fingers were inside me a let out a moan as he add not one not to but 3 inside me.

Oh elliot i said also I was almost soaking though my panties I was so wet he then dropped his pants and boxers I yanked my pants and underwhere off ready for him to be inside me.

not yet he said with a devilish grin and pulled me futher up onto the bed I was underhim completly at his mercy. he kissed inbtween my thighs and so close to my clit where his toung went for only a beif second.

" "say my name" "Elliot" "want do you want me to do" "do me" "how,tell me how you want it" he siad face still inbtween my legs I could feel his hot breath. "I want you all of you I want it all!!!!!" "as you wish" he went down on me his tounge playing with my clit while his finger were inside me slideing in and out I could feel my self coming already and then I did I screamed out in extasy. he put my hand above my head and cuffed them to the head board. then he was inside me fisrt slow but pickked up reatum. "go faster,harder" I said and he did soon the bed was rocking he was all the way inside me pounding me harder and harder. until I came yet agian I was shocked he could last so long but before he came he pulled out. "whats wrong el?" "suck me" and I did he was long so I couldn't fit him all in my mouth and he was humping my face like and animals "OHHHHH" he cried as he came in my mouth I swallowed and he went back to kissing my neck.

I woke up the next day still cuffted to the headboard but happier then I had been in mounths.

comment if you want this to be contined I don't mind criticts sorry for my spelling BTW it's my fisr time writing erotic so I'm new to this

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