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i wanted to create a movie called Asmodeous cause i was obseesed with the legend. so here is a little sneak preview of how Sarah is staring to see a different side of him and Asmodeous is beggining to see real true love instead of lust all the time. so, enjoy.

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Written By: Tyler James Gunville "T.J."

Sex Scene 1




[Sarah walks into Asmodeous's mansion. She is shocked at just how beautiful it is. She saw a beautiful ancient chandilier, wall paintings of some sorts, gorgeous, dark purple, silk curtains everywhere, and etc.]

Sarah- [shockly] Wow! This os so gorgeous. Your parents must be a very high class to have all these wonderful things. [looks at Asmodeous.]

Asmodeous- They are. Now, shall we have a look-see at the sword I want to show you. Come, my dear.

[He offers his hand and she takes it. He leads her down corridors, halls, past paintings, and finally into to his father's study.]

[The study is very simple, with books all around each wall, a chandilier, desk with some fancy chairs, a balcony, maple-stained wood, and a fancy carpet.]

Asmodeous- [walks to the glass container and lifts the glass from it. He takes the sword out and hands it to Sarah] beautiful isn't she?

Sarah- [Expects the sword and admires it.] Yes, she is beautiful. [ She turns the sword around and sees a blad diamond.] Where did you father get a black diamond? If I may ask?

Asmodeous- He got a black diamond from his father that got passed down from generations to generations.

Sarah- [looks at Asmodeous and for some reason she sees a totally different side of him. She wants that part of him to complete her.] I see and um............ um........... [She staggers on her words cause some force got ahold of her.]

[Asmodeous takes the sword from her and sets it down on the desk. He goes up behind her and places his hands on her belly. She likes the feel of him. He puts his power over her. Her nipples get hard by a electricity force-like inside of her. He lifts his hand and takes her hand.]

[ He takes her hand to his mouth and kissing her hand. He picks her up bridal style and heads her off into his room.]

[He sets her on his bed. His bed has dark purple silk sheets, luxurous mirrors on the top, and black drapes surrounding it. He lays her on the center of the bed and his hands start roam her and discovering her.]

Sarah- [moans]

[ Asmodeous takes his shirt off. His hands roams through her back, removing and unlacing her bodice. He throws it on the floor and reveals her breasts. He cradles and feels her breasts. Her breasts ache for more. Her moans get louder. He moves down away from her breasts and toys with her skirt. He removes her skirt. He slides his pants down.]

Sarah- [moans and wants him to discover more.]

[He takes her underwear off and he pushes his way inside of her tendor spot.]

Sarah- [moans asnd whispers] I want you to get moreinside of me, please. I need you inside of me. I want and need you so badly. Please. Please. Please.

[He keeps pushing and pushing inside of her.He cradles her breasts some more. His mouth goes to her breasts and starts tasting her nipple. She trembles wanting more. She grabs his buttocks and squeezes them. She pushes them closer to her so he can get more inside of her.]

Asmodeous- [moans] I have finally found you, my love.

Sarah- [cries and moans cause she has never experience this kind if passion before.]

Asmodeous- [ places his hand on the top of her head. He massages her head.] Shh....... Shh........ There, there, my love. Don't cry. Everything will be alright, my love. You'll see, my love.

Sarah- [cries, moans, and whispers.] More. I want more. Oh God, I want more. Please, give me more. Please.

Asmodeous- Okay, my love.

[He gives in to her demands and discovers more of her. She feels more of him like his abs, chest, and back.]

[The camera fades out.]

Sarah- [awakens and finds herself naked inthe sheets. She pulls the sheets up to cover her breasts. She looks around and spots Asmodeous sleeping next to her. She scoots closer to him and lies back down. She lifts his arm over her body and buries her face to him. She moves closer so she can feel his body next to hers. His arm hugs her tightly.]

Sarah- [ falls back asleep and whispers.] I love you, Asmodeous. I want to stay here with you, forever.

Asmodeous- [whispers] I know, my love. I know.


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