Shizaya doujinshi hard storyline plot

By: OokamiCake

Page 1, My friend and I are working on this doujinshi... Yes, writing the *cough*sex*cough* scenes were slightly embarrassing for me, so please excuse the awkward coments.

*Is raining- Shizuo sitting on rooftop, staring into the sky*

Your back…

*flashback- Izaya’s running form*

I’ve always been chasing you. I should be used to this. *eyes start to close*

But why? *closes eyes- fade to black*

Why is it- I don’t want to stop?

“IZZAAAAYYYYYAAAAAAA!” *flash of white*

*Izaya grinning* Your childish grin spreads over your face as my voice booms across the city…

*running after Izaya, freeze-frame*

But there is no change in this story- it goes as it always has.

You run away, and I can never catch you.

*Shizuo at dead end- half turned*


*raining slowly stopping, Shizuo sitting on the rooftop, puts cigarette in mouth*

“Damnit” *rubs forehead* *sees Izaya walking- eyes soften*

“Damn flea…”

Why is it I can’t tell you what I want to?

It makes me so angry.

“Missed me” *Izaya pokes tongue out, dodging a vending machine, Shizuo breathing heavily*

“Idiot…” *Shizuo’s eyes- fade to black*


Yes. I am…

Why is it that every word he says strikes me so deeply? *looks up through light rain*

Every insult….

*Izaya, grinning evilly* “Monster…”

Every slash…

*Izaya, knife drawn, head bowed*

Every single time you turned tail and fled…

*Izaya’s back, head turned to face*

Why did I chase you when I knew there was no hope?

*’tap… tap… tap… tap’- feet, walking slowly*


I remember that day…

*Izaya, crouched in a ball, hugging his knees- doesn’t notice Shizuo*

“What are you-“ *eyes widen* *Izaya pokes at the ground*

*Izaya annoyed face, bleeding down side*

“Izaya…” *realization* *turns, walks away*

*‘Tap… Tap… Tap, tap tap tap tap’ Feet running*

I didn’t know what was wrong. But I understood the feeling inside me.

I wanted to comfort you. *watching Izaya on street*

But I can’t. *stop sign turns red- Izaya skipping across street*

You’re always running. *Izaya looks up, halfway across the street, spots Shizuo- ‘Ahhhh?’*

From me.

From everyone. *Izaya grins*

*black screen- blink* *Izaya’s gone* *shizuo’s confused face*

“Shizu-chaan~” *Izaya grinning, hand on hip, standing near doorway to roof*

“What are you doing up here when it was raining?” *Shizuo’s eyes focus on the water dripping from Izaya’s hair, noticing the rain did stop* *follows the water’s trail down Izaya’s chest into his shirt*

“Hhhhmmm? Am I that attractive to Shizuo that he can’t take his eyes away?”

Thinks and speaks- “Annoying.”

*Shizuo’s eyes turn away to the street and then back again*

There’s no way to feel comfortable around him… Even when I’m relaxed.

“Awww, Shizu-chan, you hurt my feelings” *crouches a meter away* *flashback- crouching Izaya*

*Shizuo turns his head* There it is again… That feeling.

“Izaya…” *Izaya’s surprised face* *grins*

“Yes, Shizu-chan?”

It’s light, and fluttery… It doesn’t suit him.

“W-why…” Damnit.

“What’s wrong- stuttering? My my my, not like Shizu-chan at all~”


*rustling clothes- “oomph”*

*Shizuo over Izaya, pinning his wrists*

“Shizuo? Wha-” *Shizuo kisses him*

*kissing* I’m glad he shut up…

*pulls away, Izaya is flushed*

“What was that-“

*kisses again*

“Shut up”

*Izaya’s fist, clenched around knife, releases slowly* ‘relaxes’

*Izaya leans into kiss*

*Shizuo- surprised*

*black page- white writing* I’m not sure why I felt this way- or why you returned my feelings

“Uhn… Shizu-chaaahh… Stick it in already…” *Izaya clenching his fists (POSE: Lying on jacket- back, shirt torn off, right hand up by face, left hand by hip, head facing right, blushing, mouth open)

This was the only way I could show you- to tell you what I felt inside.

“Ahhhgn!” *Shizuo’s face, deep concentration, Izaya’s face pained*

“Sorry” *kiss on neck* “I’m sorry… I’m really sorry” *kiss on forehead- Izaya slightly confused*

This physical connection is the only one you will allow me.


“Mmmhn, Shizuo…”

Hearing my name… *thrusting- yay*

The way you throw your head.

“I’m- ahhn!!!” *Izaya CUMS :3*

The sticky fluid over our chests…

Why is this all I feel we can have? *kisses Izaya, still thrusting*

*sweaty kissing faces yay*

Your muscles clenching around me, pulling me, enticing me…

“Izaya…” His name was a rush of syllables on my lips that I was beyond caring about.

*clench- thrust* Ahhn…

The only thing I cared about was you, under me, around me- everywhere.

“mmhn” *Kisses Izaya as Shizuo CUMS :3*

*pulled out, heavy breathing, Shizuo leaning over Izaya on his forearms*

*looks down to Izaya’s face, flushed, panting*

*small kiss on Izaya’s lips*

Why is it I can’t even say it.

*Lying next to Izaya, curled up together*

I can’t tell you what you mean to me…

*sees birds flying out from undercover and away- not raining anymore*

Because I know you’ll only…

*Closing eyes*

No matter how I chase you.

*almost closed, fuzzy birds*

No matter how I try to reach you.

*closed eyes*

You always…


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