What You Need

By: Love Reaper

Page 1, Warning: I am trying something completely different. I have formed a more symbiotic way of sex and love, come critique me if you\'d like. Story: Abella and Etan have been friends for a long four years now. Abella met Etan when she was 16 and he, 19. Etan has been secretly in love with her, she has been blinded by striving after the wind with her ex to try and see how he feels about her, till now. Setting: In Abella\'s room, both, sitting on the edge of her bed, alone in her home. Description of Characters: Abella: 5\'6, smooth and soft skin. Well proportioned with perky C cups, cola bottle shaped body, with a not too big and not too small ass. Long and lean thighs, with toned legs and feet. A face you can see what she looked like as a kid. Beautiful, strong and sharp Indian jaw bone, with almond hazel eyes, naturally red lips and voluptuous shoulder length, crow black hair. Etan: 6\'4, rough smooth skin. Devours Abella of comparison with broad wide shoulders. Long and strong gorilla arms with long, thick, and lightly vein hands. Abs of steel with thick and long legs. A dark and beautiful face, discreet yet powerful, with a look into his gray eyes you will fall into a dream of continuous fantasy. A tiny soul patch he likes to keep, he has a deep yet soothing voice that can hum you to sleep or rise you with excitement. He has dark wavy hair that he sometimes likes to put in a ponytail, but when released, so smooth, so soft.

Abella: What am I going to do, it's been four months and I still feel so useless.

Etan: Forget that asshole, he didn't deserve you. He couldn't see how special you are. All he worried about was your body. Why would you ever want to be with a guy that calls you hot or sexy instead of beautiful or gorgeous? Where's his deep respect for you?

Abella: I know, I just feel so heart broken and worthless. I tried so hard for something that would never be. I keep trying everything I can to get him out of my head, but nothing seems to work. (she sighs as a Weeping Willow, very long, yet thin)

Etan: (he looks into her eyes as he sulks at her non-transparent mourning and deep agony, wondering, what it would be like to hold her in his arms and never move. He wonders if it would be enough, if they would ever go hungry, ever get dirty, or would they just need love to give them what they need)

Abella: (she stares back, noticing his thoughts play through his mind as she can't help but feel his passionate soul, destroy her grieving one. As she looks at him, she feels light, warmth, this inner beauty within herself that she can not deny. Something so genuine and pure, almost too innocent to believe that this radiation is coming from this strong soul sitting next to her. She knows.) Do you know what I need most?

Etan: What? (he whispers calmly as he slowly grabs her hand and tightens it, putting their hands close to his child like fiery heart)

Abella: (as she watches him do this, she feels numbing sensations swerve through her finger tips throughout her body, she loses all thoughts and becomes drowsy. Suddenly drowned with passion, her voice cracks) I need... I don't know anymore...(she looks in his eyes again, so sullen, looking completely defeated)

Etan: Would you like to know a secret? (he looks back at her with hopeful yet fearful [for the first time] eyes)

Abella: Yes.

Etan: I already know what you need. (he smiles slyly)

Abella: Oh yeah what's that? (she says with a seductive voice while smiling adorably)

Etan: (his smile slowly fades as he becomes quickly serious) You need me. (he says coldly)

Abella: (she doesn't say anything, just stares lustfully)

Etan: (he softly grabs her face close to his with warm hands)

Abella: (she doesn't feel scared, just safe as he kisses her, overwhelms her with passion and yearning)

Etan: (he feels her kiss him back with great affection and secret rapture)

Abella: (tingles form in her body like never before as he pulls her into desperation)

Etan: (he enjoys the unknowing moans she is making, effortlessly putting her onto his lap)

Abella: (darkens the kiss with heavier need and want, pulling at his shirt to make each other become closer)

Etan: (feels her body with heat as he suddenly tastes the salted, ice like tears falling before him, he pulls away from her)

Abella: (slowly opens her eyes as more tears dive into Etan's shirt, she looks, and he grabs her face, making her look into his eyes)

Etan: (watches her as she trembles and wipes her tears away with his thumbs, kissing her cheek, to her neck as he makes her shiver from his light breeze of fresh warmth, coming from his mouth)

Abella: (takes a deep breath and lets her head gently fall back while holding onto his muscular back)

Etan: (feels her breathing heavy and begins to pull her waste closer to his groin)

Abella: (gradually grinds into him as he gently removes her shirt and lays her down, under him)

Etan: (grabs her legs onto his waist and caresses them as she lifts his shirt from off of him)

Abella: (guides her hands down his bare abs to his belt. Only for him to submit her hands over her head)

Etan: (looks at her to signal her to wait patiently as he kisses between her breast, down to her stomach and inner thighs)

Abella: (can only enjoy as she watches him make his way back up to her parted lips)

Etan: (modestly but roughly grinds into her as she squeezes his waist with her thighs)

Abella: (her body becomes weak with want as he easily removes her panties from under her blood red skirt)

Etan: (digs his nails into her thighs as he pulls her impossibly closer to him)

Abella: (becomes even more wet at the texture of his jeans and muscular burning thighs underneath her cold back)

Etan: (removes himself from within his zipper and enters her while biting her lower lip as he fancy's her tightening with moaning surprise)

Abella: (can only be paralyzed as he continues to grind while removing her bra)

Etan: (while sucking on her beautifully modeled breasts, he makes her pump him harder as he grabs her waist tightly)

Abella: (cries out lustily as he piercingly gives her what she needs. He makes her body swell with poisonous movements, making her body strike her inner organs with obtrusive and wild eruptions of ecstasy)

Etan: (feels full, complete, as she lets her body become one with him)

Abella: (holds her breath with this indescribable pleasure, a pleasure tears can only be born and let loose within her as he continues to bless her with a wild streak of love)

Etan: (turns into dimensions of passion as she weakly tries to claw into his back)

Abella: (unstopped chills turn into explosions of satisfaction that progress from her body to her uncontrollable vocals)

Etan: (gratifies her unresolved need. Violently tranquilizing her body of unrecognized appetite)

Abella: (surrenders to his higher authority of relish, drowning in his deep fidelity for her)

Etan: (begins to slow and release with ease as they hold each other closely, igniting the heat within them)

Abella: (is turned over onto him. She listens to his racing heart as she still suffers from the pleasures of him residing within her)

Etan: (he feels her smile on his chest and they transmit a feeling of love to the other)

Abella: (feels the chemistry of a new beginning as she closes her eyes and hears him pridefully say...)

Etan: I love you.

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