Taken By Force

By: DLCannon Reprise

Page 1, taken from my book, \"So Much For All The Money\"

Taken By Force


"For all the silly remarks

This ain't you

You can't sit on my frog

I must hump you!"


"Call yourself a hideous fait?

How dare you?!"


"I'll crumple underneath you

And fuck your hole!



"You can't fuck a frog!

I dare you!

That was totally rude!"


"Rude enough to fuck pretty?

Well, you can suck my musical


And play the horn

You horny woman!


You might just let me fuck you?

You would like that?

You would?"


"Excuse me?"


"Can I stick my penis in your


I'm very horny"



Don't ever stick your dick in me




A fisty little one

Listen ho

You're gonna let me stick my

__dick in you

Or you will die!

You hear me?"


"Oh, will I?

How's that

Mr. Smarty Pants?"


"You wanna suck 'til I

__inhale sexual fumes

____from your hideous



"Oh, yes!

Do me!

Do me now, wild man!"



D. L. Cannon

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