bad and dirty-episode 1

By: debboe

Page 1, I\'d try to put up new episodes every week

Scene 1 (There's a crazy party at the beach house) Ali:this party rockz Zoe Zoe:yeah,those sexy guyz over there,Ali Ali:OMG!let's go talk to them Zoe:oh,cool (Zoe walks to some guys) Ali:i cannot be alone... (Ali walks to a guy) Ali:hi(forces a smile) Rex:hi,i'm Rex... Ali:i'm Ali Rex:cool,wanna go over there? Ali:i'd sure love to (They walk down to a quiet area) Scene 2 Rex:so what do you enjoy doing at the beach at night? Ali:this...(she kisses Rex) Rex:woah... Ali:did you like that? Rex:loved,with tongues Ali:okay (They kiss with tongues) Ali:not bad...very cool Rex:thanks (Zoe arrives) Zoe:hey,Ali Ali:hi Zoe,Rex this is Zoe my best friend and Zoe this is Rex Zoe:hi Rex,uh...bye,have fun (Zoe leaves) Ali:i better go home now Rex:are your folks home? Ali:no,they travelled Rex:cool,let's go (They both walk to the car,Ali drives Rex to her house) Scene 3 (They both come out of the car and walk into the house) Ali:welcome to my home Rex:thanks Ali:let's go up to my bedroom Rex:okay (They both walk into the bedroom) Scene 4 Rex:nice Ali:nice,uh?(she walks into the bathroom and comes back wearing only a bra and a thong) Ali:so how do i look? Rex:woah,sexy (Ali strips Rex to only his boxers) Ali:huuuuuuuh...(moans sexily rubbing Rex's chest) Rex:yeah... (Rex pulls Ali to the bed,Rex is on top of her,pressing her,kissing her,Ali put her two legs holding Rex's legs down,then they start doing it)

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