Like....WOW Part 2

By: bemycumwhore

Page 1, Zoe gets a stuffing she won\'t forget

Zoe had finally released me and went downstairs to prepare some lunch for the two of us. I could hear her moving around in the kitchen. Then she shouted upstairs to "Come and get it". Naked I walked downstairs and into the kitchen, before me was Zoe - also naked - holding 2 plates with a cold meat salad on each - "Let's eat" she said "before we continue". I sat at the table and Zoe sat opposite me, her firm tits brushing against the table. We started to eat.

After a few mouthfuls in silence, Zoe raised her left hand to her breast and began to slowly stroke her nipple. As it began to harden she pinched and twisted it, groaning as she did so. As she did this I felt her foot touch my leg, then as she became bolder, her foot moved up to my knee - before stroking my thigh - her toes gently kneading my flesh, slowly and carefully moving closer to my groin. Her toes brushed the base of my cock which began to harden at her touch. Her toes began to stroke my quickening erection, moving further along it - from base to tip - her toes massaging as they moved through the first traces of my pre cum - spreading it around my helmet as I too groaned with pleasure.

Fuck, two can play at this game I thought, and slowly slide my foot up Zoe's leg, caressing her thigh as it approached her pussy. I knew I had reached the motherlode when Zoe's eyes widened and she smiled, as my big toe slide along her slit and rubbed her clit.

We sat there, still eating our salad, as our feet toyed with each others throbbing sexual areas, Zoe's foot was now rubbing my balls - before moving back again to stroke my length - the tip of which was now rubbing against the underside of the table - its rough texture stimulating me whilst I left trails of thick pre cum across it. My toes were seriously stroking Zoe's pussy - I slid my big toe into her waiting cunt - Zoe opened her legs a fraction wider, allowing me better access to her wet cunt, my toes began to push into her - probing as my cock had done earlier. By now Zoe had put her cutlery onto the table and was rubbing both tits, her head leaning back as she did so, lost in the moment. Her foot had stopped rubbing against me, Zoe needed both feet on the ground to support her as she was fucked brought to orgasm by my eager, seeking toes. Suddenly she shuddered and with a small cry she came - sending her love fluids running my toes onto my foot. "Fuck me " she said - " I want that cock of yours again". 

She stood up revealing her dripping cunt - liquid running down her legs and her nipples standing proud from her tits - yes, this girl was ready for it. Carefully I eased back and out from the table - my cock too was standing proud - Zoe always had this affect on me - whenever we spoke or contacted each other, my cock would stand to attention. I took Zoe by the hand and began to lead her to the stairs. She ascended the first two steps when I grabbed her waist and pulled her against me - my hands slid up and cupped her tits - her stiff nipples easing between my fingers, my erect member nestled in the valley between her buttocks, my lips caressed her neck as I gently kissed her. Carefully she began top grind her ass against my cock, murmuring "Yes, oh please ... you feel so good ... just take me"

I pushed her forwards so that her hands were supporting her on the stairs. My hands stroked Zoe's ass, all the time pushing her legs wider, revealing her wet pussy - eagerly waiting for me to fill it. My fingers slide along her pussy - her juices soaking them as she pushed back against them "Fuck me now you bastard" Zoe cried, "NOW"

I grabbed my cock with my sodden fingers, eased it against her pussy and slowly pushed it in deep - not stopping until my balls were slapping against Zoe's thighs. Then holding her buttocks I began to fuck Zoe, my cock sliding in and out of her. - Zoe's cunt muscles gripping me as it probed deeper into her. Zoe's breath was getting quicker, her voice hoarse, as she was fucked hard.

I moved my right hand and began to moisten her ass hole with her own juices - until I could slide a finger into her ass and fuck that in time with my cock. Leaning forward I whispered in Zoe's ear " You want both?" - unable to speak, Zoe just nodded, her hair falling down over her face. Then, timing my pushes I began to give her cunt  five strokes from my cock before withdrawing and pushing my cock deep into her ass - for five hard strokes. 

As I kept repeating this - giving cunt and ass five strokes before swapping to the other - Zoe had lowered onto the stairs, angling her holes better for me to fuck her. Her legs were shaking as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her, my cock was dripping with her juices. "Fuck my ass" Zoe gasped as I pulled from her sopping cunt  "Fill it now". 

Pushing my cock into her pert ass I gripped Zoe's tits and as I fucked her I pinched her nipples, screaming at me Zoe came again - her cum flooding down her thighs as I pushed deeper - my balls tightening before sending a flood of hot cum into her ass. 

As the last of my cum filled her I pulled out and wiped my cock across her buttocks. 

Zoe reached back, grabbed my cock and said "We continue this ... up stairs"


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