Wake Up Master

By: akkeepitraw

Page 1, A vivid mind, finally putting it on paper...


Wake up Master, do you feel me?

Look down, I’m under the sheets slowly making my way up your naked body

Tongue first, licking, kissing, biting you

Mmmmm, I’m placing your sexy cock in my mouth…sucking it nice and slow like bebe does every morning.

As I allow your cock to grow in my mouth, my legs are spread and my wet, warm,  dewy pussy is being spread open by my fingers, allowing my lips to be wide and placed on your leg, so all you feel is my wet clit, rubbing against you.

I look up at you, all sleepy, but so fucking horny for you, my master, my daddy…

You moan and groan, your cock is growing in my mouth, so thick, so big, so solid. Just how bebe likes it.

You push my blonde, messy bed hair out of my face, you hold it to the side , tightly gripped, so you can see me, watch me, analyze me, and direct me on what to do,  what feels good…

You see by my face how bad I want you, how crazy you make me, you feel my grinding pussy pressed up against your body as I am licking, sucking, kissing your shaft.

With a deep thrust, you ram your cock so far in my mouth, its reached my throat, I gag, I chock, but I like it, its what my daddy wants, and I am his whore, his slave, I aim to please my master.

As he is pushing in and out of my mouth, I can feel the tip tighten, the cock intensely feels full, I know this feeling well, my master’s cock is about to blow and bebe is ready to take one big gulp and swallow her master’s hot, sexy, cum…

I’m gonna cum now you little slut, take it, drink it and say thank you!

Okay daddy, explode now please, let that warm liquid slide down my throat, as it does I’m so turned on that I am Cumming too, as I am fucking your finger at the same time…as I swallow your cum, you feel your baby girls cum leaking out of her, all over your hand, your leg, pussy dripping, you pull me down, and you lick me clean, then kiss me good morning my whore, taste your cum…

Ok master, I say…now we can start our day

Wanna fuck in the shower….

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