Quenching my thirst

By: zazu69

Page 1, My favourite night of the week so far...


She watched with baited breath

As he stroked himself before her

His hand moved slow from base to tip

Making himself hard for her

Swollen head and fully erect

He released it from his grip

She dropped to her knees before him

And brushed it with her lips

Her hand now wrapped around him

Moving slowly she felt him quiver

Then taking him deep in her mouth

She made his whole world shiver

Letting him thrust a little inside her

She used her teeth to regain control

Setting the pace she wanted

Before letting him reach his goal

She sucked his aching love muscle

Made love to it taking her time

Wanting to taste his love juice

As his passion began to climb

Feeling his shaft swell even more

She opened her warm mouth wide

Her hand gripped him tightly

As she let him cum inside



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