That One Night

By: Yaya634

Page 1, A fun random poem I did lol :)

In this deep night

The wild comes out

Ready to wander

Ready to run

Ready to devour

Drawn to the music

Dancing in the dark

A true seduction

Letting passion enter

Falling down the hole

Love becoming madness

Completely loosing your mind

The fantasy sneaks up on you 

Erotic nature in the liquid

Lust within the blood

Wetness from the body

Caught in rapture

Having pleasure

Giving pleasure

Esctasy pumping

Love twirling around

The delicious rush inside

Like a animal on the loose

Ready to pounce for more

Ready to chase for a taste

Ready to get wet and flexiable

Falling into slumber with a pot of honey left over

Waking up with sheets in a knot.

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