Bedtime Fun

By: Yaya634

Page 1, Rainy days, slow nights, or boring days lets hop in bed ;3 heehee

In the sheets we play

Lovers on an island

Naked and stranded

On this one bed

Rolling around

Tossing around

Making a knot

Tighting the grip

Biting it hard

Ripping it lustfully

Hollering in motion

Loosing control

Gasping for air

Consumed in passion

Seduction in this bed

After this long game

I have to change these sheets

The scent of love

Wet from ecstasy

With you sleeping

In my place of the bed

Snuggling deep inside

Feeling warm and exhausted

Yet with energey to move about

Flashing your best parts

Teasing while in slumber

Rubbing together in the sheets

In a tongue knot  on the bed

Starting up another game.

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