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When East meets West

Poetry By: Vashti Puls

Sex is a circle that is unwinding and unbinding
it can always be revisited in ones mind
when combined with love and friendship
it is an eternal quiver
whose target is a spiral

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I wish for just a taste

like moon dew upon my tongue
to remind me of where we were
and where we have just begun
open to me free and flowering
a river to quench my thirst
to give me me new birth
receive me full and free
that our juices may sweeten and open
upon and within each others ripenings
the branches are bare
skeletal shadows are upon my wall
there is silence though i call you
yet through the heart beat of eternity
our feet are ever dancing
we meet in circles hand and hand
before each rising and setting sun
we die and are reborn
there where the lonesome fulsme pussy willow grows
a soft bud peeks out from beneath the lids of her green sheath
i pull back my wrinkled sheets
turn over and feel impressions of you
the musk of your sultry sinlessness
the tears of your recycled innocence
and i begin to laugh again
i pull open the curtains pale and blue
it is raining gently and i still miss you
but outside i hear the stirrings
of butterflies wings
and the trilling of young hatchings
and i acknowledge the moss beneath the rock
is emerald green and it is Spring
You return to me in a frenzy
wings beating furiously
my breasts exposed to the silken threads of spider webs
and beneath the old shed with paint peeling
the worms are tilling the soil -and i smell the scent of fresh cut grass
I lounge upon my elbow and look at the shifting patterns of clouds
and now it is you who are laughing
Naked beside me upon the bare fertile earth
you hand me a cup of steaming herbal tea-
Drink deeply -my sweet- and I smell you all at once
peppermint and toothpaste on your breath
and the scent of oranges as you reach around to cup my breasts
my nipples are erect and waiting-quivering in anticipation
Welcome home honey- my soft skin beckons
and now you too become hard and rigid
i relent easily the white foam of sky and sea
becoming one with your breath your undulating strength
It is as if we are the foot of the mountain climbing
climbing riding riding faster and furious
lightening follows us- dust flays beneath our feet-
light bursts forth from our pores- out of breath
mounting me you reap and I sow until we do not know
where the emptiness or fullness begins ends or remains
tension suspension falling letting go flying
I relent and my hands slip from the may pole
colours still vibrant and ribbons entangled everywhere
skin earth hair between spaces of our bare bodies
weaving us upbraiding us winding us into a living tapestry
far off I hear both the eagle and the owl screech
it is twilight and you hand to me a pure white taper
As soon as I hand it back to you I remember nothing but flickering sparks
Darkness comes quickly and my body still holds the odour of your musk
I close my eyes and my tears become watercolours to keep you close to me
colours spreading and shifting embers flying and dancing
This time you are only asleep and I snuggle next to you warm and safe
burrowing into my own caves you my steady sunflower upon which I shed my opalescent jewels
Summer is a kiss too easily missed a step taken too quickly
we fall often laughing and gazing into each others eyes
There is no warning of our upcoming demise
we are all open legs and mouths
hunger and satiation
notes in harmony drifting sweetly and steadily above the trees
We are the stained glass window in our own temple
The erectness of the steeple
the open opulent outlines of angels with open wings
and gargoyles lecherous and leering
we squeeze many grapes to taste our sweet young wine
our tongues and taut bodies ablaze with extravagant offerings
The bells are tolling now but the silver glistens
We tease each other with fallen leaves and acorns
The slight frost makes kaleidoscopic patterns
we trace with our tongues and our fingertips
placing our lips in the most delicate of places
we do not realise it is we who are fragile
I look at you through the rainbow of an icicle
you grab me and we fall into the snow
a conjoined twin of a snow angel
We are hetaeras without fetters
nonetheless chained together
one bodies a single sinuous coil
We are not ready to unwind or shed our old skins
but the heris which held together our wings
detach- for we have come too close to the sun
we melt like crayons in a child's wax paper painting
Hang us in the window and we reflect the rainbow
but we are also fading colours waiting for the shadows
The last time you held my hand I did not know
you would leave me and be gone
our lifelines and heartlands remain
but as I trace the lines
there are no maps to your lost foot prints
I do not know if you will summon me but I wait
a hermit learning from the silence
mute because true beauty can not be spoken
our music was ours alone for the playing
I starve for nothing can describe
the distance of the stars from the scars they are facing
Though I am blind I still see you in my mind
I know your heart has not forgotten me
for there is both memory and grieving
Nothing can replace the innocence of a first rapturous kiss
but the taste lingers forever and hope is a river
We shall meet again when the fragile moth takes wing like a phoenix to the sun
Vashti Puls


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