Pin pricks

By: Vashti Puls

Page 1, How touch influences the nuances of memory How one can be connected physically to another being even when apart through unconscious stimulants,that recall a long ago event



Pierce me in places

Where your needles no longer reach

Where there is no refrain for our silent songs

Except for our longings

Where you smile at me your midnight ink

tracing every shadow in silvery outline

and the branches of the trees rub together

silouttes dancing in sensual romance

and the first dew of morning comes

with their wetness  and their quiverings

our tongues silently opening awaiting

for the first crimson spreading

a blush across the body of dusk

of red juices heeding the relief

as our mouths rush to taste the first release

ripe and ready full and blending

the pin pricks of the thorn and the rose

leave openings for further tomorrows


Vashti Puls



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