Today was not the same.

By: TheWickedLady

Page 1, How I feel when my Master is gone.



Today wasn't the same.
My skin feels cold and lifeless.
I long for the heat of your palms on me, 
lighting up my skin like a slow burning fire.
I miss your voice, so commanding,
like the darkest symphony my ears
ever had the pleasure of hearing.
And your authority...
merciless but oh so tantalizing. I dare not disobey.
I don't want to.
I want,..
no, I need... to please you.
Every minute
of every day.
I shouldn't want this. But I do. 
It could be dangerous...
Like a moth mesmerized by the light. 
You keep drawing me in, closer.. closer.
I'm a hostage and you're my captor.
You've captured my soul in a glass jar for you to see and you alone.

Today just wasn't the same. 


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