Coffee or Wine

By: Tango

Page 1, After a good night out.

       Coffee or Wine    

You asked me in for a coffee or wine,
we'd had a really good time.
Running my fingers over your face,
I said you have a really nice place.
Our lips met, and our tongues entwined,
it was a meeting of the mind.
Laying you gently on the bed,
I eased your jumper up over your head.
Your nipples erect, I teased with my lips,
as I slid your jeans, and pants down over your hips.
Down to your cleft I went,
where I licked, and sucked until you were spent.
My manhood in your mouth you took,
squeezing, and sucking until I shook.
With one quick thrust, our bodies were enmeshed,
together in unison we threshed.
you screamed my name with wild desire,
as we both came together in a burst of orgasmic fire.



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