First feelings of lust

By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, Just a simple short poem about the first time someone feels lust for the opposite sex.

When I was young I loved the water

By the river, when days were hotter

Skipping flat stones and wading out

With the boys, I would knock about


It mattered to no one that I was a girl

I would give almost anything a whirl

They liked to challenge me all the time

Do you think that tree you could climb?


We looked for snakes under old logs

We used a spear to hunt bull frogs

We shared our dreams and stories

Each of us had our chance at glory


One day on the river bank with Pete

He told me for a girl I was very neat

He looked nervous, we were alone

“This year Judy, you have really grown”


He had a strange new look in his eye

“Do you think I’m a handsome guy?”

The grass was warm, the air sweet

My body tingled from head to feet


I could feel my heart pounding hard

My yearnings, impossible to disregard

He held my face with both his hands

He kissed me hard, I knew his plans


“I am not ready to go all the way”

Was the first thing I managed to say

“Don’t worry, neither am I” he said

I just want to kiss, not take you to bed


We cuddled and hugged in the soft grass

Fingers exploring the other’s body at last

We were both excited and curious but shy

He felt under my blouse, I touched his fly


A part of me felt very grown up and ready

His dick was hard, his breathing unsteady

I felt his hand slipping down into my pants

I stood up fast before he had a chance


“I’m sorry that I got carried away with you”

“These feeling inside me are all very new”

I could see he was telling the truth to me

Let’s start off slow for now, we both agreed


We were together for less than a year

Why exactly we broke up was not clear

Pete and I stayed friends and in touch

Pete woke my feelings, I owe him much


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