The Pleasure He Gives

By: stevie

Page 1, Adult content: Old piece from different pen name. Don't ask.

His lips are on me
Before I'm in the bed
My hip he's kissing
Mouth eager, it begs

He knows what I want
He knows what I need
Fulfilling my passion
He will more than succeed

He pulls me up
Has me lay back
My pleasure his mission
His tongue attacks

My legs start to shake
He's not stopping or slowing
My head's thrown back
Climax is growing

I whisper, "Oh, God
It feels so good."
"Oh, yes, don't stop"
And he understood

My back's arching
Hands on the back of his head
Over & over I quiver to
The pleasure he gives

When I am still
He rolls to the side
I'm breathing deep
The shivers subside

I start to sit up
To reach for him
He says, "No you relax,
Tonight I just give."

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