Fuels Fantasy

By: stevie

Page 1, Adult content: Old piece from different pen name. Don't ask.

She crosses the room
Catching his eye
They follow her form
As she goes by

She runs her hand
Slowly thru her hair
His eyes fix on her
She seems unaware

She stretches her body
Reaching arms to the sky
His eyes wander
She gives one sigh

She pats her lips
Yawning small & sweet
His eyes longing
She makes him weak

She turns and walks
Walking over to him
His eyes entranced
She stops & grins

She stands before him
Leaning down as he sits
His eyes wide open
She licks her lips

She reaches her hand out
Touching his face
His eyes finally blink
She asks, "wanna taste?"

She kisses him soft
Sliding her tongue around
His eyes grow wider
She makes an "mmmm" sound

She kneels down to him
Holding on to his knees
His eyes transfixed
She fuels the fantasy.

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