Subtle Seduction

By: Spirit Of Freedom

Page 1, Adult erotica


Watching you clean our pool

On a hot, summers day

Admiring your muscular, tanned body

Your butt looks cute in those shorts!

Strutting around, like your king of the castle

While, I slip into my new, red bikini

Rubbing coconut oil, into my skin

Putting my long, blonde hair loosely in a bun

Leaving a few strands loose

One last twirl, in the mirror

Before walking down stairs

Taking a closer look, at this fine, male specimen!


You look even yummier, close up!

Your shirt wide open, baring your manly chest

A big smile, as you greet me “Hello”

Delighted to see me

Your full package, clearly showing!

Untying my bikini top

My full bosoms, on display

A flirtatious smile, your eyes, widening

I dive in the pool, inviting you in

Be carefree, be spontaneous

You only get to live once!

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