I Want To Play

By: Spirit Of Freedom

Page 1, I\'d say this piece of writing speaks for itself :) I hope you enjoy it!


Feel my lips, meld against yours 
Feel my touch, trail against your naked skin
Feel my tongue, exploring your body
Unbuckling your pants
Taking out what is inside
My hot breathe, in your ear
My teeth, biting the side of your neck
Every part of you, responding!
You slide my mini skirt up
Your warm hand, caressing my bottom
I playfully laugh!
Flirting with you
My body loving every minute of it!
Your hands exploring me
“You naughty boy!” 
“My nipples are so hard and erect now!”
“Do you want to see them?”
I undo my sheer white blouse
I pull my bra down
Cupping my full breasts
Showing you my stiff and erect nipples
My nipples wanting your attention!
I need your warm lips to suckle
I need your tongue and teeth
To toy and tease them!
I want to fall under your spell
I want to feel breathless
Being seduced by your masculiness!
Bending down, on my knees
Enticing you more
Fondling and caressing your hardness
Squeezing and stroking it
Working it faster 
It’s so stiff and hard, baby!
“I like where this is going!”
Looking into your eyes
Wanting those hot juices of yours
To become an explosion!
Over flowing!!!
Like an active volcano
All, for my own liking!

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