MASTER And pet

By: sineadmc1990

Page 1, Apparently my best to date.

slap me and tell me i'm naughty
whip me and tie me to the bed
make me scream as You cum inside me
but not let me cum as well


You chose me above the rest
of all the pets You could have had
You chose another guy to suit Your needs
but You didn't know i'd never had a master

that night, i remember it well
i was nervous about Your plans
but i went along with it
just to please You, Master

You told me the safeword
if i wanted out quickly
"red" You whispered in my ear
as You chained me to the wall

"You're not to cum"
You said carefully
"unless I say you can;
do you understand?"

i nodded silently
but screamed as the whip hit me
stinging my side
making me bleed

You quickly gagged me
so the neighbors wouldn't complain
but it meant i couldn't get out;
i wanted to please You so badly

as lacerations weep scarlet tears
i bite back on excitement
the stimulation, of domination
a flood builds up inside

i cannot come, i need release
please, i think, let me free
to scream and groan, in sadist bliss
Master, use me...

hit me harder, spank me slower
bite me, taste me, tease me
manipulate my flesh for Your desire
i need to know You need me

i bleed for You, cry for You
part my skin at Your contact
handcuff heaven, shackle society
leather and lace, i'm Your's, cum in me


i want You to hurt me more
i love to feel You hurt me
bleed me, Master, make me scream
i trust You with my life


one night, You awake me from my sleep
You tie me to the bed face down
with my legs bent, and my ass high
You tell me to relax

just by hearing Your order, i do
and i can feel You kneel behind me
and slide Your cock into me
as You groan louder than ever before

it hurts but feels good
i grow hard under Your touch
and groan as i get used
to the searing pain

You place Your hands on my cock
and i groan louder still
i'm so close but have to stay strong
"cum now, My pet" You scream

You release the vein quickly
and i cum for the first time
since You claimed me
it feels so good...
i never want it to end

You keep fucking me
harder and faster
i feel Your muscles tighten
as You cum harder than before

You untie me quickly
then hold me close to You
as You stroke my hair You whisper
"I love you, My pet"

i want to say it back
but You commanded me
never to say a word
unless the safeword

"speak My pet"

"my Master...
i love You too"

and W/we get back to the fucking...

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