Unknown To Me

By: seven

Page 1, sex, fingers, and stickiness!

   I was caught off guard,
   By your attraction, with Erotica.

   With some soon to be,
   Sensitive encouragement.

   And not yet,
   A late night love session.

   You learn to like,
   It's obscene affects.

   Later, we are caught just by ourselves,
   Delaying our leaving, for a while.

   I take and push you, against the wall,
   Your eyes meet mine, and they lock.

   I ask no permission to do so,
   I just Do!

   Quickly realizing, you want this too.
   A perfect playmate, you are.

   You are whom, I am looking for.

   I spread your LIPS WIDE,
   And, guide my fingers.

   You gasp, as I inch my way in,
   And, take you whole.

   I moan, as you engulf my hand,
   And begin rubbing your sex, on the intruder.

   Don't know when it happened?
   But, I knew how it happened.

   We both, moving in unison.
   You come for me, I come ridind your thigh.

   The stickiness, compelled me to taste,
   I do so, without no hesitence.

   My tongue takes over, I take it all.
   And, you come twice more.

             / F /



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