By: Romano

Page 1, Unspoken thoughts that ravel into pleaseure beyond your wildest imagination, mouth dripping with passion.

To marvel at what I admire the most

Your eyes that have me hypnotize

Your lips that I would love to kiss

Your hips as I case my eyes I would love to touch

Your breast which I crave to caress

To lay my head and rest

As I Fiend for your touch

And would love to lay between your legs and feel clutch

As I watch you walk I get excited

I just wanna grab you from the rear and slide in


We have our chance to become one

Me on you, you on me

I wanna taste your lips passionately

As I grab your ass with my hands

My tongue lick and suck with ease

As I to you I must please

I want you to feel ecstasy


I caress your breast with my hand

Crawling back to the top

I suck and kiss you softly

I slide in slowly with ease

You grab my ass pulling me closer

Wanting me to go deeper

Passionately we kiss as we hold each other tight

Moments later once again you ignite

Oh how I love to feel you wet


One leg up as one leg down

Criss cross under me you move vigorously

Squeezing tightly as you ignite once again

On top you say you wanna be

Riding well and wet is what I love

As we move well together like a hand in a glove


As I massage your scalp running my fingers through your hair

You ride steady with ease up and down

The more you ride the wetter you get

Then once more you explode

As our eyes glare at one another

Our bodies tighten like we’re lovers


Later you crawl down slow to lick and suck

As you nibble with ease I pull you hair softly

As you grab hold me and lick up and down

To the top as you suck the head

Crawling back to the top we kiss softly

As you slide down to feel you inside


We roll over to place me on top

With both legs spread wide I glide

Long stroking in and out

Slow then fast as we grip each other tight

Later we both ignite

All this is how I please in every way

To you I must abide and please

As I take you on a ride to ecstasy


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