What I Love About Men...

By: raindown

Page 1, I don\'t know what got into me with this one, but it\'s true for the most part, even if it\'s not something a nice* girl would say, or proper. These are SOME of the things I love about men, not all! I also love nice guys who I can count on not to leave me torn apart and in pain;) I might just erase this one after a bit, I\'m not sure if its something I want to keep up(laughs) ~rain

What I Love About Men


Self control and will power

sharp suits and fresh hair cuts

cologne (esp. citrus scent)

big beautiful smiles*


Feeling their muscles

through their shirts

against my bare back

as they hold me from



White T's and tan skin,

with tight jeans and cute



When I have to look up

to see into his eyes,

cause he's so tall...


sitting in a lap

that's bigger than mine

having access to an arm that's

more than willing to lend

a hand,


really good dancers

that know how to move

more than just your feet...


Sweet talkers with

a sense of humor

who know just what to say

to make me smile*


Experienced kissers

that take my breath away

and taste of mint.


Daring playboys who

pushme to my limits

and make me question

my morals.


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