Vampire Junkie

By: PeytonBlack

Page 1, Impressions from the broken mind of a vampire junkie. Not exactly a poem, not exactly a short story.

Vampire Junkie



Hot lips rained kisses down my neck leaving what feels like acid on my skin.  Teeth, sharp and sweet pierce the flesh.  I feel twin needles then nothing.  Then hot sex and arousal like a drug.  Passionate.   Hypnotic.   Consuming.


I should be worried. I should be afraid.  Instead I’m begging please, please… while tears of need glide down my face.


I want him to devour me.  I want it to go on and on.  I urge him frantic with hunger.


I feel him deeper and deeper.  My skin tingles with fine vibrations that prickle with sound.  My cries are loud and strong like sobs from a child.  I know I am about to lose consciousness but fear I will miss the ecstasy I am reaching for. 


Then suddenly it is there crashing on me like great waves from the ocean beating against the rocks.  It is pulling me under and rolling me around in the currents, and then slamming me into the sand.  I’m drowning.


Then another bite and another and another… Each bite devours me more and more.  Torrid sex.  Hot.   Fresh.   Violent.   Tender.   Until I’m lost.  I’m bound.  I’m dying. 


My heart beats too slowly.  It’s a painfully slow thud, thud, thudding in my chest.  Until I know each one will be my last.


Cool water rushes through me like cold rain on hot sand and my heart sings in an erratic tempo.  Blood courses through my veins carrying life.  Promising breath.   Promising strength.  Carrying me, lifting me, strumming me till I sing.


I am a vampire junkie; using them even as I am used.  A vampire myself taking life through a tube; dependent on them; on their mercy, on their need, on their restraint… 


When I wake, white hot pain presses in around me.  The agony rips my voice from me and makes me scream.


My screams call to them.  Dinner time.  Play time.  Eating, Drinking, Consuming with ecstasy.


And the circle begins again.  Is it a new Day?  A new week?  Is it dinner, breakfast, or lunch time?


It matters not.  My screams call to them again and again and again.


I have no life, it is theirs.


I am a vampire junkie.

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