By: padrine

Page 1, always being so modest, i'm trying my hand at erotica, hopefully


We agree to meet

I am all excited

we know we must be discreet

The flame within is ignited

Here we are

The two of us, together

So very near, yet still so far

Your touch as soft as a feather

The heat is getting stronger

Take me here, take me now

I cant wait any longer

Take me nice, take me slow

I am waiting, I am ready

For your manhood to enter

My body, so keep it steady

You are here, yeah in the centre

I tilt myself upwards

To drive you into my core

You press yourself downwards

You are ready to explore

You feel so good

 you move in and out, down and up

My body feels so understood

My breasts, your hands will cup

You are hard, you are brave

We are riding the crest

We're surfing our wave     

 this is good. this is best

My core is wet,

I'm ready to explode

I 'll never regret

You visiting my abode

I hear you groan

As you drive deeper

I retort with a moan

It could never be sweeter

We reach a crescendo

We scream as our bodies shudder

This is but an innuendo

Of the joy we give each other

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