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Release (Erotic Poem)

Poetry By: Ousma

Ok... I'm going out on a limb by posting this. This is extremely explicit... EXTREMELY explicit. I rated it X for a reason. So if erotica is not your cup of tea or this type of writing makes you uncomfortable, navigate away from this page please. If you like it but you're too embarrassed to comment just click the like button.
I'll be honest I'm kinda scared to be posting this, it's very deep and different from my usual writing.
And yes, I know I'm 16. No need to re-tell me my age when you comment. If you're just gonna scold me then please don't comment. Constructive criticism is welcomed, but not a parenting lecture from someone who isn't my parent.
Well... enjoy.
p.s. This was written loosely to the tune of "Whipped Cream" by Ludo, give the song a listen and maybe the 'beat' of this poem won't seem so random anymore.

Submitted:May 31, 2011    Reads: 1,124    Comments: 12    Likes: 7   

In case you didn't catch the summary: this contains rated X explicit content. Anyways, here goes nothin.
Please baby throw me down on the sheets
Don't be gentle, I want you raw
I want you wild, untamed
I want all of your potential, don't you hold back
My skin is burning
And there's this unbearable yearning
Building up below
I'm tired of waiting
And I'm feelin naughty
I'm in just the right mood
Climb over me
Pin me down with your body
Smother me with the fire in your skin
I wanna see the animal in you
And please, please awaken it in me too
Don't take my clothes off, no
Tear them away
Rip them to shreds
I don't really like them anyway
I want your skin on my skin
I wanna feel the inferno
I wanna feel the friction
Put your hands on me
And do it roughly
Breathe in my ear
And bite my neck
Make me scream
I want the pain, please baby hurt me
Cuz it feels so good in this way
Hold me down, hold me down
I am your prisoner
Torture me baby
There will be no love-making tonight
Just a
Pure and simple
Instinctual and animal
Grunting, moaning
Rough and hard
Raw and frictional
Painful and desirable
Dirty fuck
I wanna wake the neighbors up
Oh god baby
I can feel you pressing up on me
Rock hard and hungry
It's almost time now
I need you, you need me
Oh god baby
It's building up inside of me
Pulsing and too hot to handle
Oh please, please I'm gonna explode
Oh god baby...
I need your sweet release...
Give me what
Only you can give me
Please, no more foreplay baby
I can't take it anymore
My voice raw and sore
From screaming your name
End this delicious misery
Please, put it in me
Throw my head back
And scream
As you plunge within me
Your tongue on my throat
As your bury yourself deeper
Please go deeper
I struggle against you
As the friction severs my humanity
I am nothing but instinct now
I can't contain this energy
I twist and squirm
As you move faster
Slippery and wet
Hot and the deepest cold
I crush myself against you
Legs constricting your waist
The closer you are
The farther you're away
I need more more more
Please push deeper
Please go faster
Solve this hormonal disaster
I won't be happy
Till you tear me to bits
Bite me harder
And I scream louder
Shoving into me so hard it hurts
But it's still not enough
This is release, not love
So don't take it easy
The sweat drips
The heat builds
The screams rip through the air
The friction overpowers
Baby I could do this for hours...
Faster, honey, you're almost there
You're close to that point within me
You're reaching that unreachable button
I'm tingling and our skin is mingling
Inside and out
Oh god baby
One final scream
As we release
Collapse in the sheets
Clinging to each other for dear life
Shivering and trembling
Yet so hot we're steaming
Nearly destroyed
By the glimpse of heaven we saw
I'm bleeding from your untamed power
But that's okay
It hurts so good
You're looking at me now
And I see it in your eyes
It's like nothing just happened
And you straddle me again
You need me again
And I need you
Baby, baby
Please just take me
Again and again
Until the sun comes up
Baby, baby
Please just take me
You don't need me to ask
You invade and conquer again
Baby, baby
Oh god baby
I don't want this to end


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