Public Sex Act In Grant Park

By: Michael68

Page 1, Something that I remember with my ex girlfriend


I remember the day in the park with you
You wanting to be so playful and dangerous
As you lead me to a tree and forced by back against it.
Your back against my chest
As my lips caress the side of your neck
Listening to the sound of your soft breath
As you guide my hand down underneath your shorts
Fingers touching the sensitive lips of your sex
Whispering for me to please you
Not to stop, to give you the pleasure you crave
Even though the threat of being caught by the police is there
We continue our sinful game
Your back presses against me
As you gasp and moan in pleasure
Begging me not to stop
Onward we go
Your legs spread slightly
To give me easier access to your sex
Fingers slide inside you
As you hold back the moans
Till finally the orgasm floods through you
And you lean your head against my shoulder
And kiss my so tenderly.
While I can not believe
We got away with such a public sexual act
In the middle of Grant Park
That others would consider so disrespectful and disgusting.




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