TAKE ME WITH YOU By Marcela Re Ribeiro

By: Marcela Re Ribeiro

Page 1, An erotica poem. I hope you enjoy it! Brazilian Kisses :)



Come on, I'm ready...

Naked, lying on your bed

I hope your mouth discovers me

I'm insatiable at your side



Come on, I'm ready...

Between my legs ignites desire

Penetrate me, satisfy my desire to have you

I want to be tamed by your masculinity

Come on, I'm ready...

Detach yourself from chastity, I want you entirely

I love to feel your hands over my body

I exhale desire, not afraid to reveal myself as a scoundrel



Come on, I'm ready...

Take me to your fantasies

I'm your fetish, your toy, your woman

No matter!

Come on, I'm ready...

Sex fascinates me, dominates me

I feel your orgasm in my mouth

Swallow the pleasure while you tease me



Come on, I'm ready...

Take me with you




I hope you enjoy it! Brazilian Kisses :)

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