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The Hidden Camera

Poetry By: lifeofrhyme

Gary thinks she's cheating on him, so he sets up the video camera; he is shocked by what he sees; but it has it's benefits!

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Gary, 28, night worker at WHSmith, had supected for some time that his girlfriend Debs, had been seeing his best friend, Jim behind his back. He could not explain why, he just had a feeling in his blood that made him sick in his stomache and it was clouding his judgement and blurring his thoughts. Gary decided to buy himself a new digital camera and set it up in the bedroom. He took it home and set it up on top of his wardrobe, facing the double bed.

Later that same night, Debs is feeling a little tipsy and Gary leads her upstairs. While she is in the bathroom, he turns on his new gadget to record himself and to try it out. Debs enters the room, he throws her onto the bed and gives her arse a playful slap, he springs above his girlfriend and tugs her thong off, forcing her legs wide he buries his face into her pussy and begins to lick her out. His desire grows and the intensity he feels has him putting two fingers inside her and circling them in and out of her hole. Within six minutes, Debs has a quiet but long jolting, trembling orgasm and asks Gary to put his 'thing' in her! He responds immediately by raising her knees to her chin and popping his hardness into her; he pounds away at her and within forty strokes he shoots his load onto her belly and tits and searches for a dirty t-shirt to mop her up! They kiss, they fall to sleep contented at 11:55pm.

The following day, Gary checks his recording and rewinds the film several times to admire his technique and on the whole is pleased with both himself and quality of the video footage. He spends the rest of the day scheming how and when he is gonna try and catch her out. By the end of the evening he has hatched his plan and resituated the camera in the wardrobe, he discreetly covers it with a couple of sleeves from some folded t-shirts and part closes the door.

The following Monday at 945pm, he sets off for work. He finishes his shift, goes home, sleeps until half two in the afternoon and as soon as his girlfriend leaves for the 'school run' - he turns on the camera and presses play. After sixteen minutes he spots a man and Debs walk into the bedroom. The man puils her onto his lap, grabs her face, kisses her hard and bends her over his knee; he lifts her skirt and smacks her bare bum over a dozen times before putting his index finger into her and fucking her with it for twenty five minutes! The pair stop, stand up; and she leads him by the hand out of the room, at which point he spots the mans face; it's Dean! The next-door neighbour!! No more footage that night, except Debs going to bed around 2:30 am.

Tuesday night, same routine. Wednesday afternoon he turns on his camera and after 45 minutes of footage, Debs runs into the bedroom in knee high socks and pink g-string; closely followed by a man, a tall man; She climbs onto the edge of the bed and sticks her bum in the air, the tall man pulls her knickers to the side and enters her from behind; He fucks her for sixty six minutes and shoots his load over her back. The tall man does up his fly and leaves the room, as he does so, Gary spots his face, it's his cousin, Terry!... She follows him. At 3:25 am, Debs goes to bed.

Wednesday night, same routine. Thursday afternoon, he turns on his camera and after 22 minutes, a man enters the bedroom, he lays flat on 'his' side of the bed and Debs enters the room wearing a see through black nightie, she drops it to the floor and straddles the man, begins fucking him for more than an hour before climbing off of him and leaving the room... the man follows... it's his Dad!! Debs goes to bed at 2:43am.

Thursday night, same routine. Friday afternoon, he turns on the camera and after 53 minutes, Debs and a man enter the room, the man lays on the bed and Debs sits on his face and sucks him off for twelve minutes before he comes unexpectedly and although some hits her face, the rest is expertly guided over her breasts by Debs herself. They leave the room, it's Karl, Debs' boss! At 2:10 am, she goes to bed.

Friday night, same routine. Saturday afternoon he turns on his camera and after 23 minutes, a drunk Debs enters the room with a man, a big man! He lifts her up and she hops onto his dick while he is stood and he screws her; then he moves to the wall and screws her some more... for 55 minutes to be precise and during which, Debs clearly cums at least twice... They finish and they leave the room together; Gary spots the mans' face...it's Jim! His best friend!! He knew it. At 4:05 am, Debs goes to sleep.

Saturday night, different routine, the kids are being looked after by his Mum and Dad. They drop the kids, trade niceties before they head off for dinner with Karl and his wife... They dine, swap ditties and anecdotes and Gary and Debs move on to the pub. They bump into Dean, who else!? They have a drink, share some laughs and Gary and Debs go on to a club. They spot Terry, his cousin, they go over and say 'hullo' before exchanging new e-mail adresses and heading off in search of a taxi.

They arrive home in the early hours, about 3:15am to be precise; While Debs freshens up, he turns on the camera. She enters the room naked. Gary grabs her, he throws her over his knee and smacks her arse fifty times, before putting his ring finger in her ring and fingering her for seventy minutes; He forces her into the sixty nine position and after twenty minutes catches her completely unaware and shoots his load in her mouth. Then Gary throws her over and nails her doggy style until she cums... another hour! He drags her to her feet and fucks her against the wall for 45 uncomfortable and knee trembling minutes before dragging her down on top of him and making her ride his erection for another half hour... finally, he puts her knees under her chin and licks her out whilst fingering her tight sore pussy for thirty six minutes and then, sticks his 'thing' into her and bangs her... the same as he always does, only this time, he takes over 5,000 strokes!! Debs can't believe it's the same man! She even tells him this, to which he responds "it's not, it's a load of different men!" At 9:45 am they fall to sleep.

The following evening, Debs is still asleep unsurprisingly, so he takes out his camera to view the footage- he likes what he sees! He feels like a new man; and at the this rate, might need a new woman very soon... but she'll 'do' for now!


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