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Tasting Her...

Poetry By: lifeofrhyme

Going down on the woman you desire, with passion and feeling and meaning...

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I'm lying in bed, It's 11:30pm.Cerri is in the bathroom cleaning her teeth; the bedroom lamp is on and the bedsheets smell fresh and clean. I am deliberately lying in the centre of the bed so that when she enters the room and climbs into bed there will be instant contact. I know in a playful way that this will probably momentarily annoy her; but I do it anyway! Her response to this will sort of let me know what 'mood' she is in and whether or not I should begin to pursue my intention of exploring her body with my mouth.

I need not have bothered; as she enters the room, I can tell she wants some physical contact by the way she is dressed. Cerri has this superb quality of looking good in my eyes in whatever she is wearing; but when she dresses for sexual fulfillment she surpasses my expectations every time.

The landing light silhouttes her hourglass figure in the frame of the doorway. Shoulder length mousy hair, delicate neck adorned with a silky black neckerchief, no ear-rings, slender shoulders; She is topless, displaying her beautifully shaped and pert 34c tits with delightfully erect and almost perfectly manufactured nipples. Her chest falls away softly down to her thighs which curve enticingly into her slim waistline. She has on a black g-string decorated with a vivid pink trim and a silver heart pendant dangles from the back as she spins to reveal her fabulous round arse cheeks. The saliva in my mouth at this point, means that if I speak I will dribble and we will laugh together in stupid embarrassment. Her milky soft and cleanly defined legs draw my eyeline down to her knees and the tops of her socks...the knee high sock look affords me an instant stiffness between my legs and a surge of excited power rises to my head and causes my breaths to become longer and deeper and more exaggerated. I follow the socks down further to her muscular calfs and onto the black heeled stilleto shoes that strap up with a buckle at the sides.

Cerri closes the door behind her and flicks her hair as she glides over the floor towards the right hand side of the bed. One leg is placed intentionally and perfectly in front of the other, revealing her deportment classes and carries her chassis so elegantly toward me. She pauses about three feet from me and turns to place her hands against the wall, sliding up and down the wall and arching her back so that her arse protrudes ever so slightly. Now, I want to rip at the string that hides the pit of nectarI wish to extract from the tiny and tightest entrance. I feel like a carnivore, chained by invisible iron and my tool is thick and throbbing.

She reaches the side of the bed and stoops down so that her hair applies electric shocks to my body with every minimal contact; now I take in her scent and hear her deep whisper say to me; " Eat my pussy!" I have no intention of doing anything else! My mind is telling me to grab her with my strong hands and force myself onto her but I know if I leave it a bit longer then she will let her pink and moist lips trace small enticing and magnetising kisses around my face and neck and chest and down beneath the duvet to the side of my pulsing erection where her open mouth will pause and she will look at me with a suggestion in her eyes that tells me she wants to eat me... Instead she spits at my cock and dribbles her saliva onto my purple and swollen end.

Cerri stands and places her right knee at the side of my left ear and now I am looking up to see the underside of her missile like breasts and Ican smell the sweetness of her cunt through the cotton underwear. My hands reach around the back of her and squeeze her waist. I slide them down onto the coldness of her backside and she lets out a small pleasured moan asI begin to knead her cheeks and slightly, daringly, suggestively pull them apart to open her arsehole, taking care not to spread too far and cause pain or discomfort and thus change the mood. Four of my fingertips gently probe the soft browness of her posterior and my thumbs slip inside the little string and brush against the lips of her dry pussy.

She leans down and lets her nipples caress my lips and open mouth. I grip each in turn with my teeth and draw in the cold air over the top of them. She likes this as they harden even more and the tempo of our union increases. Now her open mouth and soft wet tongue is kissing my own willing mouth and our tongues feel like swollen leather pouches as they lap each other and curl around the insides of our teeth and our breaths mix and begin to form a heady cocktail of sexual anticipation and desire. Her mouth leaves mine and lands onto my neck and shoulders and across my chest where she bites playfully but painfully onto my own erect nipples.

I take her by surprise and put one of my 'sausage fingers' inside her! "Oi cheeky!" she says. "What do you expect?" I respond. "I didn't give you permission to abuse me" she says. "I don't fucking need it!" I reply. With that, I almost casually throw her off me like a discarded duvet and she is now on her hands and knees across the bed. My left hand lifts the g-string out of the now wettening crack and I push my largest finger into her minge. I push it all the way in and take her hair from the back of her head to raise it upto the ceiling; she lets out a kind of 'urgh!' grunt and now she is more willing but struggling just enough for me to impose more of my manliness upon her. I let go of her hair and take hold of her chin and grip it tightly; I lean forward and through gritted teeth I say "Show me your cunt you dirty bitch" She tells me to "fuck off!" so I tighten my grip on her chin and slide my hand to her throat where I can start to feel her ever so slightly struggle for her breath. "Show me your fucking cunt, you dirty little slut" She juts out her arse and presents herself to me. I pull the string down to below her arse and my inclination is to thrust my hard, hard thing into her there and then from behind; but I don't. Instead I choose to smack her arse hard and sharp, twice! She cries out "No" I tell her to "Shut up!" and she apologises so I loosen my grip on her throat a tiny bit.

My mouth falls onto the back of her shoulder and I want to suck the skin off of her; I allow my grip to release her and now I am working my way down her spine as my beckoning finger is sliding in and out of her increasingly wet hole and mining further and further into her hot and sticky tunnel. both my hands are now back on her arse and as she has become wet, I can now spread her some more and I pull my face back to view her gaping sex... She looks over her left shoulder at me and watches me watching her swelling pussy and she closes her eyes, at which point a faint shudder and shiver escape her and I feel her wriggle under my touch. Still I admire the gaping wetness in front of me. My nose is now level with her arsehole and I leave it there to sniff at it and take in more of the intoxicating aromas that are escaping her... Her fanny is almost winking at me with excitement as she prepares herself for me. "What do you want?" I ask. "I want you to lick me out" she replies. "What do you want?" I ask her again. "I want you to lick me out!" she repeats. "Last time" I say and she realises what I want from her. "Lick my fucking cunt pleeeeasse you fucking bastard!" "That's better, you only have to ask properly" I say and with that, I bury my hot and thick tongue into her salty wet hole. My nostrils are squashed flat against her arsehole and my tongue is deep into her pussy; my hands are gripping her waist and pulling her closer to me to obtain more depth. I probe her, my tongue licks the circumference of her twat first and then her arsehole, over and over; Our temperatures rise and the motion and movement I have created is drawing her close to orgasm. I lap at her greasy slit and I spit on her cunt to create more and more lubrication... her juices spill out of her and run down her legs and stick to my face as I increase the tempo further. "Fuck me!" she almost begs but I do not. I wait instead for that moment when I have bought her to the edge of her cavern that contains her orgasm deep within it and where she will only find it when I let go of her and allow her to drop into it. I feel that moment coming; I again insert my finger into her and press my knuckles hard against her butt cheeks, only this time, I have put two fingers into her and with three fingers of my other hand, I am brushing over the top of her unprotected clitoris; giving her double stimulation and creating a final impetus that induces a squealing and thunderous release of her cum over my fingers.

Instantly I stand and slam my dripping hard-on into her pussy from behind... like a dog; but with passion and force and meaning and an intenseness that fuels her tumultous escape of innocence and she abandons herself to me and spreads her legs further to allow me to bang the fuck out of her doggy-style! I need no second invitation. I fuck her hard, harder and harder while trying to maintain my balance and control and still feeling her clamping inner flesh start to suck my own orgasm from me. Deeper and deeper and harder and harder I give it to her as my skin slaps against hers and her orgasm has escaped her and now she has succumbed to the realisation that she is now my captive until my release and she recognises my need too and forces herself back onto me and allows me to continously enter her; over and over, until finally I need to cum and I withdraw from her and grab her hair to turn her head to me and I ejaculate over her face and mouth and her neck... I want to bite the lips from her as I release my cum onto her and kiss her spunky mouth. I want to pull her hair from her scalp; but I don't... instead, I tell her "I love you" and I fucking do, with all my soul; I would never give this to another woman and I would cut out my own heart and eyes and tongue if she gave this to another man.

We finish and we collapse together and fall to sleep touching and stroking each other and feeling completely and unashamedly in love and lust with each other and as if this was the only; and safest place on Earth... And it is!


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