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Eating In...

Poetry By: lifeofrhyme

Women love to have their pussy's eaten by men that know what they are doing

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Marie had often stared out of her bedroom window and seen her neighbour working in his back garden and wondered what it would be like to run her hands through his mop of sun kissed blonde hair; kiss his full lips whilst holding on to his muscular biceps and trace her fingers around his fabulous physique; Sometimes she had let the moment take her and imagined feeling his young manhood inside her and digging her fingernails into his backside while he lay on top of her; She had imagined this so many times that whenever she looked out of her window and didn't see him, it ruined her mood and the rest of her day.

If her neighbour was on his front driveway tinkering with his car, she would sometimes slip out of her jeans and take her knickers off before putting on a small skirt and heading out the front to 'do' something herself; often bent over in the boot of her car 'looking' for something she would never find, in the hope that he, Sean, would be staring at her backside. He would sometimes call out 'Hi' and she would look round startled and say stuff like... "Oh hi Sean, never saw you there!!" and they would smile and go about their own business; Days like these would put a spring in her step and a twinkle in her eye. She would often go in and pleasure herself with a small silver dildo or if she felt really adventurous, fuck her tired old husband, who was always grateful for any action and never said no; It wasn't quite the same; but it would suffice at that particular time.

Imagine her delight, when her kitchen had become flooded due to the washing machine breaking mid-cycle and had called out to Sean who happened to be in his back garden laying some slabs for a new shed to sit on and he had come running round the side gate and to her rescue in his tiny blue Adidas shorts and without a shirt! Her husband was away, selling some 'high energy' branded soft drink to vending establishments, so she felt completely at ease and free from interruptions. She had casually remarked about his tanned body and mentioned the word saviour and hero a couple more times than she needed and he had just smiled or shrugged his shoulders as he tried to stem the flow of water and fix the machine. Every twist of his toned structure caused a ripple of excitement within her and every grunt of exertion from his mouth made her close her eyes and breath in through her nose, savouring the sound and taking in his manly aroma.

Marie offered him a cold drink and he accepted the orange juice with ice; as he stood up to do so, she could not help but to notice he had become aroused and his hardness was trying to burst out of the tiny silky shorts that restrained it. She felt herself staring at his groin; He saw this and made no attempt to conceal himself, instead, looking down too and asking Marie what she was 'thinking?' She could not refrain from telling him anymore. "You are so fucking hot!"she started; "You make me feel so horny!" she continued; "Sometimes I wish......" she never got to finish; Sean leant towards her, crouched a little and placed his hands underneath her armpits; he then easily lifted her off of her feet and swung her round to place her on the large oak table in the centre of the room; This took her breath away and she felt a small ammount of her own juices escape into her knickers as he pushed her back flat onto the cold hard surface.

She could not believe what was happening, he took hold of her ankles and raised them above his own head, parallel to his ears and began to lick and kiss her ankles; He parted her legs slightly as he made his way towards her knees and finally as he approached her thighs, he pushed her knees right back to her head and let his face fall towards her pussy! She could feel his hot breath through her white underwear against her swollen vulva; he sucked at her through the cotton, making a wet patch appear as she put her fingers into his matted hair and wrapped it around them. Sean stood upright, placed both his hands on her panties and pulled them straight off of her! Marie let out a gasp of shock and excitement, she could not quite believe this was happening, she thought she must be up in her room fantasising again; But as his face hovered intimately close to her moistness, she could feel him blowing circles of air around her fanny and knew it was no dream.

He expertly placed the palms of his hands on the backs of her thighs, allowing his thumbs to pull apart her arsehole and his fingertips to spread her cunt lips; Then, he did it; He landed his tongue onto her arsehole and licked one long lick up to her clitoris, then again and again and again and again until she lost count of the number of licks and allowed herself to drift into his pussy eating mesmeric trance that he had her held in; locked tight; a willing captive to his probing tongue and dirty, dirty mouth. He chewed on her labia and stretched her lips with his skilled hands to kiss them and flick his tongue at them; he danced the tip of his tongue around the hood of her clitoris a few times until the anticipation of his mouth on her exposed sex became too much and she begged him to 'Eat her!!' Eat her he did, for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a keeness she had never before experienced. He lapped at her like she was a bowl full of cream and he had no spoon; He put , first one, then two, then four fingers in her hole and placed his mouth expertly over her shining erect clit and sucked it until she came; came again; and finally for a third time! He stopped, he stood over her and watched her trembling, her arms began to fold shyly across her bare midriff but he stopped her from doing this to admire her body and look at her wet, throbbing cunt.

At this point, Marie leaned forward to take hold of his hardness and guide it toward her hot, needy tunnel; But he stepped back! He looked at her and said... "Save that for when I come to repair the washing machine properly!" and winked at her. Marie blushed like a teenage girl would with her first love and then Sean added, "I'm coming back to fuck you, soon" and left.


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