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Caught in the Mirror

Poetry By: lifeofrhyme

When Katrina is pleasuring herself alone in the house she has no idea that her husband's friend is...

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Katrina was woken by the sound of the binmen chattering away and clanging and banging the wheelie bins on and off the hydraulic arm of the dustcart; It was around 7:30 am,she was alone in the house as Paul, her builder husband was working down in Bracknell on a big extension which on completion would pay for the holiday in Antigua they had put a deposit on. Wiping the sleep crust from her eyes and stretching in her large bed, her knees parted and her hand arrived on the inside of one of her slender soft legs; she felt a tiny stir in her stomache and a little switch flick to 'on' somewhere deep inside her... She began to run her fingernails back and forth along her thigh until they arrived at her naked, shaved and warm pussy. the first two fingers of her right hand traced the shape of her lips around the entrance to her tight slightly parted hole; She licked the fingers of her left hand and they joined the party. Spreading herself wider, her entrance parted just enough for a little finger to firstly circle the outside of her clitoris and then gently probe the gateway to her sex... She began to force her finger further and further in whilst brushing over the top of her 'man in a boat' and as she did so felt the first waves of excitement followed by trickles of her juices; At this point she moved.

Katrina now got up and walked toward the full length mirror adorning the wall in her bedroom, she admired her well shaped body and felt her own skin; she got down on to her hands and knees and directed her arse to see it's reflection looking back at her; She slipped one hand underneath her and began to pleasure herself, slowly at first then quicker and quicker until her pussy was wet and her hole was gaping; Katrina put two more fingers inside her and allowed them to go in as far as she could comfortably reach whilst her open palm pressed firmly against her clit and allowed for double stimulation. Her climax was fast approaching, swelling her insides, quickening her pulse and breathing, dilating her pupils and making her kneecaps burn ever so slightly as they fissioned with the shagpile carpet. Katrina gasped as her own orgasm began to spill over her fingers and her juices formed a little stream down her thighs, looking back over her shoulder for extra stimulation she started to moan a lot louder and suddenly there in the doorway and looking directly into the mirror at her face... stood Gavin! Paul's business partner! He had been told by his friend he could go to the house and remove a drill that he needed for a small job just around the corner. He had his swollen, almost erect cock in his hand and was pleasuring himself watching her!

'Fuck me!' she called out... 'Fuck me now please!' she begged... he needed no second invite, he was on her in seconds, hungrily forcing his stiffness into her silk purse of a cunt and thrusting away like a piston on a steamliner... he thudded his own thighs against the back of her legs and although this was just a bit uncomfortable for her, the thrill of the moment gave in to acceptance of the situation... he had her hair in a clump as he screwed her, her back was arched and wanting him to push it into her harder and harder, faster and faster until it felt like he was going to escape the other end of her and at this point she orgasmed a shuddering trembling quake of female ecstacy leading to a scream that was only stifled by gavin's hard-on being placed into her wide mouth... instantly he came, gushed floods of warm salty fluids into her mouth, making her gag at first as she had had no time to swallow and some of his semen spilled out over her lips... he withdrew and shot the rest of his load onto her face and eyes while flicking his nob against her cheeks and chin with a heaviness she had not encountered with Paul...

He let go of her hair and she immediately began to wipe the stinging spunk from her eyelids and mouth; When she opened her eyes, he was gone!!


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