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Caught by the Fuzz

Poetry By: lifeofrhyme

When Angie promised Robbie she would be straight back after work, she had some explaining to do...

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Angie was an attractive 25 year old woman that worked part-time hours in a pub in a neighbouring village; she did so for pocket money really and to socialise as her husband Robbie was a successful property developer. She had told him that on this particular Wednesday evening she would be back shortly after her shift ended at eleven and had taken her Peugeot 205 as Robbie would not be home until around half nine and she felt guilty dragging him out to get her after such a long day.

Tony was a tall rugged looking weathered man who had his own landscaping business and serviced lots of clients in the surrounding villages; According to rumour, he had a lot of satisfied customers and demand was high for his skills. Angie had always managed to fend off his advances even though she found him quite attractive; they enjoyed a mixture of banter and inuendo but never any more than that, after all she was a happily married woman.

On this same Wednesday, Tony had managed to persuade her to have a vodka and Coke with him and in the process, slipped a half gram of 'speed' into it in the hope her guard might drop and he could have his wicked way with her after hours!

As she said goodnight to the Publican locking the doors behind her, she felt her backside being pinched and turned to see Tony smoking a cigarette... he winked at her and she giggled at him; before she knew it, he lunged at her, forcing his tobacco tarnished mouth over hers and tried very aggressively to get his tongue between her teeth; Angie, blood flowing through chemically enhanced veins, almost, just almost responded but pushed the brute backwards as he was about to put his large hands inside her damp kinickers. 'Fuck off!' she said, 'what the fuck you doing Tony?' she half expected his response to be an apology but realising he was in the wrong, he quickly set off for his Land Rover, head down and silent. She watched as he fired the engine, turned on his lights and screeched out of the car park in the opposite direction to the one she anticipated.

Angie would normally have taken this kind of advance in her stride but somehow this was different, her heartbeat was rapid and erratic, her eyes not quite focused and she had an inclination to chew on her bottom lip; she checked her watch, 11:10 pm, shit! she thought, better hurry on home.

She started the car and pulled out onto the main road, accelerator down, into third and was building a head of steam when... 'For fuck's sake!' she cried, The Old Bill were behind her, flashing blue lights and the passenger was signalling for her to pull to the side of the road. There was no 'safe' refuge, so she took the next left into a side road which ran along a big crop field and was bordered by hedgerows. The blue lights ceased as the unmarked BMW pulled up extremely close behind her.

A tall dark haired Officer stepped from the car, he had what appeared to be a full uniform and stab vest on so she had no need to be concerned, only the fact she'd had a drink and was going fairly fast was the excuse she told herself for her panic and her heart beating like a gorilla banging it's chest in a tin can.

He walked to her side of the car, tapped on the window and she opened it. " Evening sweetheart" he said, "You in some kind of rush?". "No" she replied. "You been eating tons of carrots then?" he asked. "Why?" she replied. "Because you are driving like Nigel Mansell in a Formula 1 car with no lights on!" he explained. She wanted to tell him what had happened and why she was going so fast and had no lights on; but the words failed her, her drug induced brain would not tell her mouth to open and speak. "Step out of the car please Madam" insisted the Officer. "Turn around place your hands onto the roof of the car and spread your legs" he said. She did as she were told. He began to pat her down, brushing ever so closely against her, she could feel his chest radio in her shoulder blade, his hands on her arms were gripping a little tightly and she felt sure she would bruise."You been nicked before gorgeous?" he asked as his fingers closed around her fair sized tits... "Yes" she gasped, "I have six points on my licence" she said. " And youv'e been drinking too?" came the next question as his left hand almost entered her pussy underneath her short skirt. "Yes" she said again. "In that case, you better sit in the back of our motor and blow something for us!" he exclaimed. He called out to his 'Sarge' to open the back door, at which point an older copper opened his door and placed his hand on the handle of the patrol vehicle. Angie had been distracted by this, so was caught out and shocked when her hands were clasped into cuffs! " What ya doin'?" she asked. "Standard roadside breath test procedure darlin'" he said. "Now get in the fucking beemer!" he insisted and manhandled her towards the back doors.

Confusion and then panic, tainted with a slight excitement and the urgency to get home were the reasons she told herself her heart was thumping like Mike Tyson's fists on a punchbag; She could not explain why her red 'La Senza' briefs felt like they'd been handwashed!

The Officer physically threw her into the back seats and the Sergeant slid in beside her, he walked around the back of the car and opened the door, got in and slammed it behind him. Angie noticed immediately that he had opened his fly and had a hard-on poking through his trousers; now her heart was racing like a steam train and panic was taking over her weak weak body. The Sergeant took a handful of her hair and thrust her head down onto the Officers' long thick cock... She then felt the Sergeants fingers ripping at her panties and tried as hard as she could to fight them but she had a mouthful of penis and was gasping for her breath. The handcuffs meant she was a prisoner and knew that struggling too hard was pointless and would probably cause more damage to her soft skin.

After what seemed like an eon her head was pulled from his bulging member and she took in a long almost 'help me I'm drowning' breath of air before it was slammed back down onto it... The other policeman was busy tearing away at her white blouse and unclasping her matching bra' which drew her attention away from the forced 'blow-job' so was caught completely unaware as he shot his load down the back of her throat; she could feel herself choking as he emptied himself into her.

The Sergeant turned her slightly and bent her forward, he smacked her arse over and over with such firmness she thought she would pass out; he then spat on her arsehole at which point, embarrassingly, she came! Probably more than she ever had in her life! The man pulled his erection from his trousers and slid it into her wet cunt; it felt uncomfortable due to the angle and his size! He was monstrous in length, the first guy was big enough but this guy had 4 maybe 5 inches more and the further he pushed the more she came!

They fucked her, one at a time, both together; they spanked her and probed her with a riot srick, tongues and fingers, she felt like a rag doll being tossed around a spin dryer and was helpless throughout. In the final moments of her ordeal, both guys were almost stood over her as they held her head up and mouth wide taking it in turns to put their stiff tools into her. All she could think of at this point was 'why had she taken that drink?' 'Why was she speeding?' 'Why had she forgotten to put her lights on?' 'Why had she insisted on driving herself?' and 'Why did she feel so damned peculiar?' weirdly excited and almost sick in her stomache, numb fingers, pins and needles in her feet, floods of her own ejaculation leaving her body... her thoughts were brought to a shuddering halt when both the men creamed their hot jizz over her face, leaving her unable to blink and blowing strands of sticky spunk from her lips and mouth... The Sergeant gripped onto her jaw and leaned in close to menacingly say in her ear, "Right you little fuckin' tart, get dressed and get the fuck out of my car you slag; and next time you drive at night through my patch, put your fucking lights on!!"

The cuffs were removed, she was thrown from the car like a burger box and her clothes were scattered about her in the dewy darkness. " Get dressed and get out of my sight you whore!" screamed the Sarge;

All that poor Angie could think of was the time, trembling like a naked scared puppy she looked at her watch; 01:15 am it read; 'Fuck!!' she thought, 'what will I tell Robbie?'


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