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Alice and the Window Cleaners

Poetry By: lifeofrhyme

Tags: Sex, At, Work, Group, Adult

Alice had not been with a man since her husband had left, until one Saturday morning...

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Alice was 37 years old and a Facilities Manager for a National Mobile Network; She had been married, once; but soon realised it was not what she had dreamed it would be and the whole sorry experience had kind of put her off men. Instead, she had channelled her energy into her career and she was doing quite nicely for herself. A healthy lifestyle, which included long brisk countryside walks with her alsation dog and regular visits to the Gymn' and tanning centre helped her to maintain a smashing figure and positive outlook on life, which in turn, made her outward appearance very attractive. Alice was about 5'6", blonde shoulder length hair and blue eyes; add to that, 'great tits!' as a van load of builders had told her only a couple of days earlier as she was heading for the morning papers!

It was Saturday morning, a time usually reserved for a walk with her dog round the local country Park, followed by a visit to the sunbed and lunch with her good friend Maggie. Today however she had arranged for a team of local professional window cleaners to clean the the inside glazing at the Office where she worked. It was 8am when they arrived, three of them; an older guy, around fortyish, stockily built, broad shouldered and handsome; a guy in his thirties, blond hair, green eyed and tanned and a young tall lad with short dark spiky hair and brown eyes. They were all polite and keen to get on with the task in hand; so she let them in, showed them round and left them to carry on with the job.

There were a number of loose ends to 'tie up' as it were and she had decided to fill her time with them until about 10:30 when she had told the men she would make them a cup of tea and had brought in doughnuts and chocolate biscuits as a treat. As she went about her work, she could hear the men working along the corridor, up and down the little ladder, laughing and joking as they clambered onto desks and moved chairs and bins; At one stage, she thought she had overheard the youngest say to another, 'If I could fuck an older woman, she's the type I'd go for!' but was not sure if she had heard correctly nor in fact if they were referring to her!

There was a knock on her office door, she looked up from her computer to see the young lad with his kit and bucket... "Hello" he said, "Can I come in to do your windows please?" he asked. "Why of course" Alice replied, "Would you like me to move?" "No" he said, "I can climb over you and do it!" he answered before realising that didn't quite sound right or come out the way he meant. Alice blushed as he looked straight into her eyes and there was a second or two of awkwardness before he entered the room, placed his bucket onto the floor and began to clamber onto her desk to access the glass that needed cleaning. As he mounted the desk, she spotted his Calvin Klein shorts protruding over the top of the waistband of his jeans, this drew her eyeline to the curve of his bum and she followed it down his long legs to his work boots.

"Seen something you like?" the lad asked... Surprised and interrupted, Alice looked up and said "No!" "Well yes actually but, you know". "Know what?" he said "This isn't the time or place and I am very sorry if I made you feel awkward"... "Not at all, in fact I was just telling the guys that if I ever had the chance to 'go' with an older woman, then you would be the type of bird I'd go for!, if you don't mind me saying?" "Not at all" she responded. Though his answer had been a little coarse to say the least, she had found herself becoming a little excited and a little hot under the collar. In fact, she was 'flattered' that such a young, fit looking healthy lad would even give her a second look; And this had made her hard nipples press against her white t-shirt which she was trying to hide with a strategically placed arm! "Don't bother" he said. "Bother with what?" she asked. "Protecting your modesty, I've had an erction for the past five minutes and been trying to do the same as you but I've given up!" As Alice looked up, she saw he had removed his tool from his jeans and was knelt on her desk, facing her with a hard-on! It was centimetres from her face, she could feel her mouth begin to salivate and the butterflies floating around inside her stomache. The youngster was still knelt there, hands on hips, looking directly at her with a ' I am really proud of my thing' look on his face as it twitched expectantly and precariously near her face. Her brain was saying to her ' Oh my God. oh my God, oh my God' over and over. Her heartbeat had risen, instead of breathing, she was panting and all the while the little 'She-Devil' on her left shoulder was talking into her sub-concious ear and saying, 'Suck it, suck it, suck it. Go on, what you got to lose?'

"Where the fuck is slow-coach?" said the older guy to his mate... "Dunno" came the reply. "Go and find him" Mike set off to find his assisant, the annoying yet endearing Kurt. Mike had been training him for about two years now and although he was very good at what he did, he often needed encouraging and a reminder or three about his lack of enthusiam for the job. He walked back along the corridor they had just completed cleaning and was about to turn back thinking he must be in the loo or outside smoking when he heard a chair scraping along the floor in an office just around the corner. He went to investigate. "Shit!" Mike exclaimed, realising upon entering the office that maybe Kirk had too much enthusiasm for the job! for in front of him was the unexpected sight of Kirk, top off, jeans around his ankles and boots on, sat on the edge of the Client's desk with the partially undressed Alice sucking away on his helmet!! She looked round shocked, but by now carefree and oblivious to her responsibilities. As she did so, beads of her spit were still attached to her mouth and Kirk's purple tip. It looked like he had interrupted a carnivore feasting on a kill and this particular carnivore looked wild; hair misplaced, eyes wide, licking it's lips and now beckoning him toward them. He needed no second invite, he dropped his kit from his belt on his jeans and as the little holder hit the floor, the dirty water leaked out onto the carpet...

Mike's eager hands climbed underneath her t-shirt and undid the clasp of her bra', freeing her ample bosom and allowing him to squeeze the beasts in his palms; his fingers now tugged at her thick aroused nipples from behind; She could feel his breath on her neck as Kirk was rubbing his glistening manhood around her face and she was leaning into it like a kitten being licked by it's mother. Mike lifted her skirt to reveal a black lace thong and immediately ripped it with both hands to expose her moist pussy to the air, she jutted out her arse in anticipation and he stuck his biggest finger into it... She lifted one knee onto her desk to gain maximum enjoyment from the lone penetrator and now began to feel wave like pulses of sexual energy surge throughout her body... She felt dirty, reckless, irresponsible but she was enjoying every second and every touch that landed upon her from their heavy hands...

Blonde haired Jack had been left cleaning windows alone now for about fifteen minutes when curiosity began to get the better of him. He placed his kit on the floor and went off in search of his colleagues... it wasn't long before he could hear what seemed like pleasured moans escaping from one of the offices, so he followed the sounds and arrived at the scene in moments to be confronted by the client, Alice, naked and riding Kirk on the floor like Lester Piggott on a horse in the Derby and Mike with a handful of her hair holding her head while he fucked her face with some force. "Never been one to miss out on a bit o' team bonding!" he said and approached the threesome, undoing his jeans as he did so and allowing eleven inches of man meat to escape his pants. He knelt down behind Alice and after a few attempted and cautious efforts, entered her arsehole, slowly at first so as not to cause her harm and finally with a lunge akin to the sort of thing you would do as you push a wardrobe into it's final resting place.

Alice let out a mighty screaming pleasure filled moan as she orgasmed and realised that the third and final guy was bigger in size than the other two and had put his thing into somewhere that had never been explored... She reached a shuddering, trembling, all encompassing orgasm within moments at which point the three men stood up tall around her and in turn allowed their salty water to explode onto her face and tits and hair; She revelled in the naughtiness and secrecy of it all; bathed in the sunshine of her first group encounter and marvelled at her own ability to shed her shyness and inhibitions... this moment would change her life and her perception of men and her taste and hunger for sex... The 'team' continued to screw her doggy style on the floor for a further half hour to maximise the experience and finish her off. When they had finished, they left the room to continue with the windows; She lay on the floor of her office stroking her intimate parts with her fingertips and allowed one more slower, manageable orgasm to escape her before dressing and going to find the men.

Alice found the guys packing their kit into the van, she approached and leaned in to give each of them a long and lingering kiss, full on their mouths; "Thank you" she said. "No, thank you!" they replied... "See you in three months time?" said Mike. "Definitely!" she said and winked...


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