To Me Your Just Meat!

By: Lavendersilk

Page 1, Ladies! One for the boys?

My pussy is itching, as I pick up the phone

I’m hoping and praying, that you will be home

My hunger is too big, to do this alone

“I need you round,” I beg and I screech

I can hear that you smile, at this usual greet

Reminding me again, that your not just meat

Before you have the chance, to knock at my door

I open it quickly; you almost fall to the floor

“I need you baby”, “Please make me sore”

In the room that I drag you, to fall in the seat

Your clothes I start pulling, in insatiable heat

You remind me again, that your not just meat

Your zip undone I then, yank your dick free

The most beautiful thing, I ever did see

In my mouth I take it, in obvious glee

Up under your shirt, my hand then does seek

Your nipples so hard, to give them a tweak

I hear you then moan, that your not just meat

Around at your base, I tighten my lips

My tongue runs around, I suck up to the tip

I suck so damn hard, you start moving your hips

You begin then to shake, right down to your feet

You be and you cry, and then you beseech

“I beg you please baby”, that your not just meat

You pull me then off you, and spin me around

Pushing dick in my pussy, with a guttural sound

I start screaming , howling just like a hound

Pushing your dick fast, I’m nearing my peak

My pussy starts crying, she’s starting to leak

Your trying to remind me, that your not just meat

At your final moment, you grab hold of my hair

You will have yours, you will have your share

You cum deep inside me, almost no longer a care

As you flop down, our eyes then do meet

Giggling and laughing, your eyes do entreat

“Please baby please”, that your not just meat

I grab your shoulders, and lay you on the ground

I fuck you all again, and another time around

You keep begging and pleading, with an insatiable sound

Breathless we lay, and you call me your peach

I realise again, that it’s you I need to teach

Not to remind me again, that your not just meat

Looking at you, I see you can’t take no more

Oh I’m ok, for my pussy is incredibly sore

I make you get dressed, and show you the door

As I watch you leaving, along down the street

You stop and look back, in happiest defeat

To me babe just to me, to me your just meat!

LavenderSilk 2013

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