Mystery Woman

By: Lady Jewells

Page 1, First attempt at writing as though I was a man looking at a woman.

A Woman…….!                           A Mystery……!

Watching her….you are, from a far….


She is both,

            Easy and hard to read…!


You savor the look in her eyes…

            When she looks your way, you lock eyes with her, smile and look away.

Interested…….……you observe.

You silently question her…  


                                 Who are you?   Why are you here?   What do you really want?

                        Why here?      Why now?

   Intrigued… You move in close enough to sense her womanly charms…


You admire… The style of her hair,

                                    Her fashion – is artistic – defined by her curves, alluring.


            Her scent is distinctive, subtle, and welcoming.

Her eyes hold such depth and intensity…! 

                                    Her lips are lightly colored, soft and full…sensual and teasing


Charmed, you want to find out more… more about this mystery woman!


Alone with you thoughts - you contemplate and reflect…

               It has been a long time since you felt such desire…

                        The stirrings of passion… The tingles of tangled Lust…

Your breath quickens – remembering….the holding and molding of warm flesh!

Inhaled scents and the softness…. Ahhh! The Heat!

     Surrounded by her velvety warmth – the memory feels so real.

Your heartbeat quickens – caught up in the moment of madness!

You remember the feelings – your release.

                        With a contented sigh, you relive those feelings.

      Ahhh! The sensations…times of desire and feeding passion's fire!



Attracted: You pursue her.


                                    MYSTERY WOMAN!?


                                                WHO ARE YOU….?


                                                                 WHAT WILL YOU ASK OF ME?????


Mystery Woman By Lady Jewells (1997)


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